Nissan: VIDEO: Nissan vehicles contest during an innovative soccer compare as partial of the partnership with UEFA Champions League

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  • Nissan, unapproachable unite of a UEFA Champions League, brings engineering to a margin by an innovative soccer diversion between Nissan cars
  • Nissan vehicles contest opposite any other during a true distraction of a UEFA Champions League match
  • Sports presenters and ex soccer players from Latin America competed as co-pilots on a cars


LATIN AMERICA – Nissan, unapproachable tellurian automotive partner of a UEFA Champions League, tested a vehicles during an innovative football diversion with a best alignment: The star product portfolio in Latin America.

The innovative confront was a true distraction of an central UEFA Champions League compare with lineups presentation, referee, opening ceremony, halftime and closing-time. All League elements were present, including singing UEFA’s anthem and greetings between competitors.

The brand’s design for this compare was to move Nissan’s engineering to a margin display a tension that usually Nissan and a many sparkling joining in a universe can grasp together.

Two teams of 4 members any competed on a field: Nissan NP300 Frontier in a clever defense, Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Qashqai in a center and Nissan Mar in a absolute and flexible front.

Professional pilots were in assign of a plea accompanied by special co-pilots from a sports universe in Latin America, who will be pity their possess knowledge regulating Nissan vehicles during a match.

The disdainful organisation of co-drivers comprised of ‘players’ including:

Black team

Quique Wolff. Former Argentine actor and sports presenter, now leads a “Simplemente Fútbol” uncover on a ESPN radio network.

Sebastián “Tatán” Mejía. Colombian gifted commander of “Freestyle Motocross”. He is now a central motorist of a Nissan group in a Colombian “March Cup”.

Fabian Vargas. Colombian veteran player; he has played in critical teams in a segment such as America and Millonarios of Colombia, Boca Juniors in Argentina, Almeira in Spain and International in Brazil.

White team

Marcelo Benedetto. Argentine sports publisher who has worked in networks including TyC Sports, FOX Sports, Telefe and Fútbol para todos.

“El Rifle” Varela. Juan Manuel Varela, now leads a TV uncover TN Extreme.

Jorge “Patrón” Bermudez. Former Colombian soccer actor improved famous as “El Patron Bermudez”, in 1988 he was captain of a Colombian inhabitant team.

Claudio Bustíos. Chilean sports publisher of “Canal 13 and horde of “Digan la verdad” uncover in a Tele13 Radio station.

Both teams left all on a margin confirming a capabilities of Nissan vehicles.

During Mar and May, Nissan Latin America and a Caribbean will be display a opening of their lineup on a field, along with pivotal moments of this innovative diversion by a digital channels.

To follow this sparkling foe follow Nissan LATAM: @NissanLatam

The partnership with a UEFA Champions League is another instance of Nissan’s expansion and loyalty in tellurian sports that now includes a Brazilian Olympic team, a Olympic teams of Colombia and Mexico, Olympic and Paralympic teams of Britain, a African Nations Cup, a NCAA football League, Canadian football League and sports ambassadors as Olympic bullion medalist Usain Bolt, among others.

Nissan is a tellurian central automotive partner of a UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League with a four-year agreement covering a duration from 2014/2015 to 2017/2018 (3 seasons).


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