Nissan: VIDEO REPORT: Gorgeous, Glistening and Gold

Posted on 15. May, 2013 by in Nissan Canada

JAMAICA – Earlier this month, Usain Bolt got a custom-made Nissan GT-R. The world’s fastest male loves Nissan’s fastest car. Bolt already has a black Nissan GT-R, though when he partnered with Nissan to give divided a bullion one for his foundation, he wanted one too.

“They finished a bullion GT-R and auctioned it off to assistance my foundation,” pronounced Bolt. “For me that has finished a lot so distant and will do a lot some-more in a arriving months. We have helped a lot of kids all around Jamaica.”

Nissan executives gave Bolt a keys to his new automobile during his home training trickery in Jamaica. Bolt could not wait to get a automobile on a track. But he found out he can’t utterly kick it in a race.

“The automobile has a slight edge, only a small bit,” pronounced Bolt.

Bolt’s bullion GT-R has been customized to fit his pushing style. Nissan engineers available information during Bolt’s exam expostulate of a GT-R choice when he visited a association domicile in Oct of 2012. The visible specs of a car, including extraneous and interior tone and wheels, were comparison by Bolt himself.

“I consider it’s only a full package,” pronounced Bold. “For me a tone is only out of this universe since as we know, we am a golden child so it works well. we consider we will be pushing it a lot.”

Bolt was recently named Nissan Director of fad and been partial of a company’s tellurian code debate for a final year.

Read a finish press recover about a eventuality in Jamaica here: Usain Bolt Golden Again with Unique Nissan GT-R.


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