Nissan: VIDEO REPORT: Nissan Rogue Takes to a Track – a Ice Track

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MONTREAL, Canada – Winter has been harsh via a U.S. and Canada this year. There positively was no difference to be found in Montreal, a southwest city in a Canadian range of Quebec.

The unequivocally low temperatures and snowy conditions done it ideal timing for Nissan to entice Canadian reporters to Quebec’s Laurentian mountains. Once there, a company’s guest got to take a all-new Rogue for a spin on a ice-covered Mecaglisse circuit, that is partial of a purpose-built, 700-acre all-season motorsports trickery located in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci.

“There is no improved place, even in Canada,” pronounced Christian Meunier, president, Nissan Canada. “We were looking for a special plcae to uncover a reporters what it is like to expostulate a Rogue in a loyal Canadian winter.”

The Mecaglisse circuit represents a many impassioned conditions that a motorist could confront from a traction indicate of view.  It is a good place to prominence a advantages of Rogue’s modernized all-wheel expostulate (AWD) system.

“It is not usually usually about AWD, a wheels powering down. It is also about a steering, a braking and how all of Rogue’s systems come together to broach a assured float and pushing experience,” pronounced Tim Franklin, Product Planning, Nissan Canada.

The Rogue tender even a many gifted winter drivers, including a co-owner of a lane and facility, Franck Kirchhoff.  “I gathering this automobile yesterday, and even if we expostulate but studs, usually on unchanging winter tires, we unequivocally feel a car, and a doing is unequivocally good. we expostulate many cars during a winter, and we feel a Rogue is one of a best SUVs that we can get.”

If a winter of 2013 and 2014 persists in transfer snow, during slightest there is a new hero to assistance navigate a roads – a all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue.


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