Nissan: Visionary “future of mobility concept” denounced by Nissan in Europe and Foster + Partners

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  • Electric automobile consultant Nissan collaborates with world-renowned architects Foster + Partners to cruise a destiny of mobility
  • Concept explores how 0 glimmer record will change cutting-edge county design


GENEVA At a Geneva Motor Show today, Nissan in Europe suggested an sparkling glance into a destiny – with a initial demeanour during a entirely connected prophesy of a destiny of mobility in organisation with eminent architects, Foster + Partners.

The landmark partnership, between a manufacturers of a world’s best-selling 100-percent electric automobile and a heading pattern studio, resolved that a fuel hire of a destiny could indeed be a automobile itself.

Illustrated in a overwhelming two-minute video, featuring a best-selling Nissan LEAF and unconventional IDS Concept, Nissan’s idealist judgment explores how a proceed of critical competence change as record develops.

The collaboration, that concludes a 12-month partnership, offers a image of what’s to come from Nissan’s prophesy for Intelligent Mobility – a universe in that cars correlate with their sourroundings as populations adopt 0 emission, Piloted Drive technologies.

The pattern investigate is being previewed during this year’s 86th International Motor Show in Geneva.

“Technology binds many of a answers for a hurdles we face in a cities today,” pronounced Paul Willcox, chairman, Nissan Europe. “However, a loyal appetite comes when those technologies are integrated with any other and a universe around us. We’ve been during a forefront of 0 glimmer record given 2010, though a prophesy does not stop there. We trust that a destiny of travel is reliant on both infrastructure and a environment. We’re looking for real, applicable solutions that go over a product.” 

Incorporating a operation of pioneering Nissan technologies, a prophesy hints during how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, unconstrained expostulate record and over-the-air connectivity could mix to change how appetite is used and distributed opposite Europe’s critical cities.

“Integrating 0 glimmer technologies into a built sourroundings is critical in formulating smarter, some-more tolerable cities,” pronounced David Nelson, co-head of Design, Foster + Partners. “That joining contingency extend distant over a car; it contingency lay during a heart of all we do.”

The need for a tolerable and innovative refueling network is apropos critical as a marketplace shifts toward choice sources like electric power.

Today, some-more than half (54 percent) of a world’s race lives in cities, and by 2050, 7 out of each 10 people will live in county areas*, so it is needed that a infrastructure exists to support this growth.

Nissan is now trialing an innovative vehicle-to-grid complement in Europe which, when joined with advances in a second-life batteries, will concede drivers to work as particular “energy hubs” means to store, use or lapse purify appetite to a grid.

It is likely that by 2050, roughly all tellurian appetite needs can be met with renewable appetite sources**.

Nissan is a personality in 0 glimmer technology, and pioneered a blurb electric automobile marketplace in 2010. The Nissan LEAF – a initial mass-market, pristine EV launched globally – continues to be a best-selling EV in history.

For some-more information about Nissan products, services and a brand’s joining to tolerable mobility, revisit

About Nissan in Europe
Nissan has one of a many extensive European presences of any abroad manufacturer, contracting some-more than 17,600 staff opposite locally-based design, investigate development, manufacturing, logistics and sales selling operations. Last calendar year Nissan plants in a UK, Spain and Russia constructed some-more than 675,000 vehicles including award-winning crossovers, tiny cars, SUVs, blurb vehicles and electric vehicles, including a Nissan LEAF, a world’s many renouned electric automobile with 97% of business peaceful to suggest a automobile to friends. Nissan now offers a clever choice of 23 different and innovative models in Europe underneath a Nissan and Datsun brands.

Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners is an general studio for architecture, engineering and design, led by Founder and Chairman Norman Foster and a Partnership Board. Founded in 1967, a use is characterized by a integrated proceed to design, bringing together a abyss of resources compulsory to take on some of a many formidable projects in a world. Over a past 5 decades a use has pioneered a tolerable proceed to pattern by a strikingly far-reaching operation of work, from county masterplans, open infrastructure, airports, county and informative buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and product design. The studio has determined an general repute with buildings such as a world’s largest airfield depot during Beijing, Swiss Re’s London Headquarters, Hearst Headquarters in New York, Millau Viaduct in France, a German Parliament in a Reichstag, Berlin, The Great Court during London’s British Museum, Headquarters’ for HSBC in Hong Kong and London, and Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt.




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