Nissan: World-class footballers turn racing drivers in Nissan’s Dream Job Swap

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  • Football stars David Silva, Bacary Sagna, Eliaquim Mangala and Fernando substituted their football boots for racing suits in Nissan’s Dream Job Swap
  • Inspired by a Nissan investigate that found scarcely one in 6 children aged between 9 and 13 contend footballer is ‘the many sparkling job’ in a universe – commanding a check for immature boys, followed by racing driver
  • The Nissan Excitement Index also aims to try a scholarship behind what creates football so exciting, with European adults saying football as some-more sparkling than their jobs
  • To watch a Job Swap visit:

LONDON – Manchester City players have gifted a ‘Dream Job Swap’, exchanging their boots for racing suits and apropos competition drivers for a day.

David Silva, Bacary Sagna, Eliaquim Mangala and Fernando got behind a circle of Nissan’s Juke NISMO RS, holding to a lane tutored by some of Nissan’s best GT Academy drivers and went head-to-head in an heated event of automobile control.

The pursuit barter judgment was desirous by a Nissan-commissioned study* that found over one in 5 (22%) 9 to 13-year olds1 cruise apropos a veteran footballer their ultimate dream job.

And only underneath one in 6 (16%) 9 to 13-year olds trust that being a footballer is a many sparkling career, commanding a check for immature boys – with over a entertain (26%) voting footballer as a many sparkling pursuit in a world.

Youngsters are clearly forgetful of following in a Nissan GT Academy drivers’ footsteps too, with 64% of a 1,000 respondents highlighting ‘learning to drive’ as their many refreshing destiny milestone, with racing motorist holding second place (19%) for immature boys as a many sparkling pursuit in a world.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Vice President for Marketing during Nissan Europe said: “Excitement is during a heart of all we do during Nissan. We’re focused and committed to bringing creation and fad to everybody – be that football fans or budding racing drivers – by creation advances in research, record and engineering that are moving Nissan towards a stirring future.”


Nissan have also been study what gets European adults excited, with football also rating rarely in a consult consecrated as partial of a Nissan Excitement Index – looking to try and know a scholarship behind football excitement, with Nissan announcing a partnership with sports scholarship experts Loughborough University.

The Study** of over 5,000 Europeans from a UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy found that  adults get some-more vehement about examination football than any other pastime. More than half (55%) suggested that examination football is a impulse or activity that gets them vehement week-to-week or month-to-month.

European adults are all in agreement that their favourite football bar is some-more sparkling than their stream job. When asked to rate a dual aspects of their lives they found many exciting, one in 4 (24%) chose their football club, compared to reduction than one in 5 (18%) who chose their stream job.


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Notes to editors:

The Nissan Juke NISMO RS used in a pushing elements of a Dream Job Swap is a hot, opening chronicle of Nissan’s renouned crossover model. The automobile marries a abounding racetrack birthright of a puzzling NISMO code with considerable opening credentials, assertive styling and best doing characteristics.

*All figures, unless differently stated, are from Censuswide
1Total investigate representation size: 1000
Subject range: children aged 9-13
The consult was carried out between 4.04.16 – 6.04.16

**Survey of over 5,000 European consumers conducted by Norstat Ltd. on interest of Nissan Europe in Feb 2016 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

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