NOx issue: business are being informed, doing is starting

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• Measures for a influenced EA189 array 1.2-litre, 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre
  diesel engines have been ratified by a Federal Motor Transport
  Authority (KBA)
• Customers are being sensitive about a subsequent petrify steps
• Implementation of a measures to start in late Jan 2016
• Important step towards solution a NOx emissions emanate in Europe

The Volkswagen Group has presented a petrify measures due for a EA189 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0-litre engines to a Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). After complete review, a KBA has entirely validated all of a measures. The calming measures for all influenced vehicles are so confirmed. The automobile keepers will shortly be sensitive about a subsequent steps. In sequence to safeguard that a measures are finished quickly, Volkswagen will start doing right during a start of 2016.

In building a technical measures, anticipating customer-friendly solutions was an critical aspect. The measures for a influenced EA189 diesel engines are as follows:

– The 1.2-litre and 2.0-litre engines will get a program update. The pristine work time will be only underneath half an hour.

– The 1.6-litre engines will also get a program update. In addition, a “flow rectifier” will be propitious right in front of a atmosphere mass sensor. The work time for implementing these measures will be reduction than an hour.

These measures apply to Europe (EU-28 markets). After a measures have been implemented, a vehicles will do a duly germane emissions standards, with a aim of achieving this but any spoil of engine output, fuel expenditure or performance.

Our business in Germany will be sensitive but check as shortly as a addresses are supposing by a KBA.

In a initial minute a influenced automobile owners will be sensitive that a remember magnitude is scheduled for their car. The business will also be asked to wait serve created information before they actively make hit with a Volkswagen partner business. In a second minute Volkswagen will ask a influenced business in good time to make an appointment with a partner business of their choice for doing of a technical solutions.

The devise is that all influenced vehicles will be called into a partner businesses in several waves for a technical solutions to be implemented. The technical measures will be implemented on a influenced 2.0-litre engines from a initial entertain of 2016. The technical measures for a influenced 1.2-litre engines are scheduled for a finish of a second entertain of subsequent year. From a third entertain of 2016, final a recall, a measures will be implemented on a influenced vehicles with 1.6-litre engines.

While a technical measures are being achieved Volkswagen AG aims to equivocate any disadvantages for a customers, such as any curbing of their mobility. In this tie a Volkswagen code is assuring all business that where required an suitable deputy mobility choice will be supposing giveaway of charge.

Until 31.12.2017 Volkswagen AG is specifically waiving a reduction duration in honour of any claims done in tie with a program commissioned in vehicles with EA 189 engines. The waiving of this reduction relates even where a claim’s effect has already expired. The small act of watchful will therefore not waste Volkswagen business in any way. This means that all business influenced can wait for a required technical measures to be implemented on their vehicles by a above mentioned time.

One thing is certain: a vehicles continue to be technically protected and prepared to expostulate and can therefore be used on a highway but any restrictions.Note: You will find this content during The information contained in this press recover does not impute to any products or services of a Volkswagen Group of America or of Volkswagen Canada.

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