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, Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan


2011 Super Taikyu Series Round 2 – Race Report

Round 2 of a 2011 Super Taikyu array (S-Tai) was a four-hour foe hold during Fuji Speedway, and saw a #15 OKABE JIDOSHA DIXCEL TEAM TETSUYA Z (driven by Masaaki Nagashima, Mojoru Tanaka, Tetsuya Tanaka) take a late lead and afterwards feat in a hotly-contested ST-3 class.

This second foe of a deteriorate was hold during a opening weekend of Japan’s normal summer break, with 38 cars holding a start in a four-hour eventuality during a circuit located in a shade of Japan’s many famous peak, Mt. Fuji. Among a starters, 9 were entered in a ST3 category (for dual wheel-drive machines with engine displacements between 2,001 and 3,500cc). In all, 5 examples of Fairlady Z were on a starting grid; a #15 OKABE JIDOSHA DIXCEL Team Tetsuya Z, assimilated by a #34 item Techno Z34 (driven by Masahiro Sasaki, Shuji Maejima and Kimiya Sato), a #35 item Techno Z33, (with NAKACHIN, Akihiko Hamano and Sho Hanawa during a wheel), a #51 DIAMANGO-Z (of Masahiko Kageyama, Isao Ihashi and Masamitsu Ishihara) and a #77 B-MAZEZ33 (piloted by Motoyoshi Yoshida, Naoki Nishimoto and Takahiro Shimizu).

Qualifying for a foe took place on Saturday, Jul 23rd amid transparent skies. At a finish of a event it was a #51 on category pole, with a #35 automobile 4th, a sister #34 Z 5th, a #15 appurtenance 6th and a #77 Z 7th on a grid.

The following day, Jul 24th saw cloudy skies and comparatively cooler conditions as a teams prepared for a race, that began during precisely 12:59pm. The lead was snatched divided from pole-sitter Masahiko Kageyama in a #51 Z on path 2, yet a maestro motorist was means to take a position behind on path 11 during Dunlop corner. He afterwards built adult a healthy opening before handing a automobile over to teammate Masamitsu Ishihara. On path 52, Ishihara authorised a #14 RX-7 past, and afterwards also a #15 Fairlady Z.

Meanwhile during a array stops, Tetsuya Tanaka took a circle of a #15 Z, vaulting into a lead in a process. Later however, teammate Mojoru Tanaka fell behind to 2nd. Drama unfolded with only 15 mins remaining in a four-hour conflict as a then-leading #14 RX-7 was handed a 10-second stop-and-go chastisement due to an transgression of a rules, overtaking underneath yellows. As a result, a #15 Z changed behind into a tip spot, a position in that it took a checkered flag. It was a initial S-Tai feat for Mojoru Tanaka, and a initial for a #15 Z in over 4 years, given a opening turn of a 2007 deteriorate in Sendai.

The conflict for 2nd place was fought over by 3 machines. Among them, Ihashi in a #51 Z was using in fourth place and put in a tough pull to pass a #14 RX-7 (which had depressed to third after portion a progressing penalty) on a categorical true on a penultimate lap. Now using third, Ihashi set his sights on a 2nd-placed #339 NSX, shutting dramatically on a final lap. Though incompetent to adopt his rival, Ihashi though finished in a shining third place. It was a initial lectern for a #51 Z, on a proxy entrance for a race, and in a second deteriorate of Super Taikyu competition.

The #35 Z had a steering circle common among Hamano, Hanawa and NAKACHIN and finished 5th in class, while a #77 Z of Nishimoto, Yoshida and Shimizu took sixth during a flag. The #34 Z was cold from a foe with 45 laps remaining due to a expostulate sight problem.

Masaaki Nagashima (race winner)
“This is a initial feat in over 4 years – given a opening turn of a 2007 season! I’m intensely happy to be station in a centre of a podium, though it’s a contrition to only skip out on a initial 1-2 finish for a team. In my stint, we spun after using over some oil on a lane and that caused me to remove positions. At a time, we suspicion it was a finish of a day, though Te-chan (Testuya Tanaka) did a good pursuit to erase a deficit, and this was a outrageous grant to a victory. we consider Mojoru did a good pursuit currently as well.”

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