One-two feat for Audi patron teams during Daytona

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The latest expansion of a Audi R8 GRAND-AM gifted a successful benediction of glow in a toughest GRAND-AM competition of a year. All 4 of a updated patron competition competition cars for a United States were using with technical soundness all a approach adult to a finish of a 24-hour race. Each of a 3 competition teams had a lead during slightest once and a possibility of clinching feat until a really end. “We achieved this dream outcome during what was usually a second try during Daytona,” eager Romolo Liebchen, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “With that, a R8 GRAND-AM in a United States is stability a fibre of successes of a GT3 sister indication that has clinched a sum of 5 altogether victories during European 24-hour races in a past dual years.”

Alex Job Racing in a finish was a best Audi team. Right in a initial entertain of a competition a patrol supposing a initial Audi motorist – Edoardo Mortara (F/I) – to take a lead in a GT class. Afterward, Dion von Moltke (USA), Filipe Albuquerque (P) and Oliver Jarvis (GB) in a white R8 GRAND-AM set a gait as well. But spins and time penalties afterwards caused automobile series “24” to dump behind several times. Particularly argumentative was a 30-second chastisement that was imposed after Edoardo Mortara had spun and a aspirant was allegedly blocked in a incident. Factually, though, Mortara had mislaid a position due to his excursion. Filipe Albuquerque stood adult to a vigour exerted by his code colleagues in a thespian final phase. For him, as for Mortara and Jarvis, this meant feat on debuting during Daytona.

An considerable opening was delivered by a runner-up group as well. Thanks to their glorious fighting suggestion Team APR Motorsport with a drivers Ian Baas/Marc Basseng/René Rast/Frank Stippler (USA/D/D/D) kept creation adult belligerent – on Sunday morning, automobile series “52” had still been distant behind. Despite a drive-through chastisement in a initial entertain of a competition René Rast took a lead from his code co-worker Filipe Albuquerque in a eighth hour. Shortly before midnight, Marc Basseng was using in front when he perceived a time chastisement due to improper overtaking during a reserve automobile period. Later, Ian Baas was strike by a Daytona prototype. So a black-white-red R8 was brief of 3 laps when a object rose. With a crafty array stop strategy, though, a group recovered a laps it had mislaid within only a few hours. René Rast managed a thespian recovery, as a German was battling for feat trailing a personality by merely a scale via a final hour of a race. Rast and his group had to acknowledge better by a really slight margin.

In a initial phase, Rum Bum Racing was a quickest group within a Audi Sport patron racing squad. Frank Biela/Christopher Haase/Matt Plumb/Markus Winkelhock (D/D/USA/D) in automobile series “13” mislaid belligerent for a initial time during a race’s mid-point due to a stop-and-go penalty. On Sunday morning, Markus Winkelhock took a lead in a GT class. Due to a wrong overtaking scheme in a counsel duration a German mislaid dual laps after receiving a time penalty. The group battled and recaptured a path of a personality adult to a final phase. The mottled dwindle and second place were roughly in Winkelhock’s steer when a team’s confidant plan unsuccessful to compensate off: on a final path of a competition his automobile finished adult coasting due to a miss of fuel.

The grid of a GT category enclosed a fourth Audi R8 GRAND-AM. Matt Bell/David Empringham/John Farano/Alex Figge/David Lacey (USA/CDN/CDN/USA/CDN) took 12th place for APR Motorsport.

Audi’s initial 24-hour feat in a United States completes an considerable lane record. After eleven victories during Le Mans and a successes of a R8 LMS during Spa, Zolder and a Nürburgring, Audi – interjection to a patron teams during Daytona – has motionless another classical 24-hour competition in a favor.

Race formula (GT class)

1 Albuquerque/Jarvis/von Moltke/Mortara (Audi R8 GRAND-AM) 678 laps
2 Baas/Basseng/Rast/Stippler (Audi R8 GRAND-AM) + 1.476s
3 Assentato/Lazzaro/Longhi/Stanton/Wilkins (Ferrari) + 15.533s
4 Balzan/Beretta/Frezza/Pier Guidi (Ferrari) + 47.175s
5 Armindo/Lally/Lietz/Potter (Porsche) + 49.526s
6 Bleekemolen/Faulkner/Holzer/MacNeil (Porsche) + 1m 07.775s
7 Biela/Haase/Plumb/Winkelhock (Audi R8 GRAND-AM) – 1 lap
8 Aguas/Bowyer/Kauffman/Waltrip (Ferrari) – 1 lap
9 Brown/Hedlund/van Overbeek/Sharp (Ferrari) – 5 laps
10 Baldwin/Burtin/Farnbacher/Ragginger/Renauer (Porsche) – 6 laps
12 Bell/Empringham/Farano/Figge/Lacey (Audi R8 GRAND-AM) – 11 laps

– End –

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