Open day during a Audi Training Center: 70 years of training during a Ingolstadt location

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The code with a Four Rings has been training immature people during a Ingolstadt plcae to turn rarely competent specialists given 1949. A specifically designed anniversary muster that includes a transparent timeline guides one by chronological highlights of a company’s training history. At a anniversary ceremony, trainees from several decades will yield an discernment into their personal histories and practice in a speak session. Dieter Omert, Head of Vocational Training and Technical Competence Development, and Dagmar Konrad, Head of a Audi Academy, will demeanour behind on how a operation of training subjects has grown during a plant. Board of Management Member for Human Resources Wendelin Göbel, Chairman of a General Works Council Peter Mosch and guest of respect from a fields of business and politics in a segment will also be present.

Anyone who would like to knowledge Audi’s operative universe interactively on this day can take partial in special hands-on activities: Interested people can douse themselves in practical worlds with virtual-reality glasses, furnish keyrings with 3D printers, try a universe of robotics or try a mechatronics technician’s operative sourroundings in a 360-degree video. This brief film will also be accessible online during starting today, Thursday.

The open day will take place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. during a Audi Training Center during Hindemithstraße 27 in Ingolstadt. Throughout a day, trainees and trainers from a association will yield recommendation on all value meaningful about a innovative Audi professions.

Applications to start an tutelage or studies in 2020 contingency be submitted from Jul 22 to Sep 15, 2019 around a Audi careers web page. Further information is accessible during and In serve to a open day, propagandize students have a event via a year to finish a tyro internship for serve career orientation. Online applications can be submitted during

Note for a media:
The Anniversary rite „70 years of vocational training during a Ingolstadt site“ takes place on Saturday, Jul 6, starting 10 a.m. in a Audi Training Center, Hindemithstraße 27, 85057 Ingolstadt, opening A, 1st floor. Media are invited.

Photos of Open Day 2019 will be available for download on Saturday, Jul 6, as of 6 p.m. during

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