“Oshawa Engineering Mandate for a “Connected Car” – Hiring, Partnering and Expanding For a Future”

Posted on 28. Apr, 2015 by in GM Canada

“Oshawa Engineering Mandate for a “Connected Car” – Hiring, Partnering and Expanding For a Future”






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Today is a landmark day for GM Canada’s Engineering Centre in Oshawa and a Canadian vehicle zone as we denounced a new Canadian engineering and creation charge focused on a “connected car” and immature technologies that a business crave for a future. 

I was celebrated now to be assimilated by Dr. Colin Carrie, Member of Parliament for Oshawa and a Hon. Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development to announce that a Canadian Engineering Centre in Oshawa, Ontario will be expanding, partnering and employing a new conspirator of Canadian control and program engineers as we refocus a work on a subsequent vital proviso of automotive creation and change. Needless to say, this is an sparkling event to be “where a movement is” and to take a creation ecosystem and educational partnerships to a new level.

Our new Oshawa engineering charge starts with a need to sinecure some-more than 100 of a best program and controls engineers from opposite Canada to support new work associated to “connected car” systems, environmental and civic mobility solutions.  New activities will embody a growth of program and active controls that concede business to take advantage of high-speed information links between automobiles and mobile networks. Today, “connected car” technologies are enabling an sparkling operation of new safety, environmental and infotainment applications. We will also build on a Centre’s imagination in a use of choice fuels, light-weight and modernized materials that assistance urge fuel economy and offer business new and some-more tolerable record solutions.  And importantly, we will support GM’s destiny meditative in a vicious area of civic mobility solutions.

So, since Oshawa and since now? GM is creation this investment in a $190 million Canadian Engineering operation since we see an event to take advantage of a resources of Canadian talent in a quick elaborating areas of mobile technologies, program and modernized automotive engineering.  Oshawa sits during a mid-point of a world-competitive mobile record creation mezzanine using by Waterloo all a approach to Ottawa. The talent is here and we are flourishing for a future. Ontario is now producing some-more STEM graduates any year than a State of California. To steal a famous hockey analogy, Canada has a dais strength and these areas of a connected vehicle and immature record are “where a puck is going.”

Another pivotal concentration during a GM Canadian Engineering operation in Oshawa and Kapuskasing has been to work closely with Canadian vehicle suppliers on innovations in GM automobile components and systems that assistance us urge fuel economy and broach other automobile breakthroughs that a business want. Our creation partnering with Canadian suppliers is an area where we have perceived extensive support from a sovereign and Ontario supervision partners. That’s since we were intensely gratified to see new supports in a new sovereign bill for creation activity by Canada’s vehicle suppliers and a Ontario budget’s stretched support by a Jobs and Prosperity Fund. This is simply good process as it helps Canada to build an modernized vehicle production zone founded on creation and value in engineering.  It bodes good for a future.

Related to a proclamation today, we will shortly also be rising a new GM Canada Engineering blog to keep connected with a university partners, suppliers, impending new engineering hires and members of a Canadian open meddlesome in a destiny of a automobile. We will share a thoughts and swell from Oshawa as we take on sparkling new hurdles in a areas of a connected car, immature technologies and civic mobility solutions. As always, we entice we to rivet with us on Twitter @GMCanada and watch for new ways to rivet with a creation team! 

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