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Posted on 16. May, 2016 by in Ford Canada

Once on a time, a suspicion of pushing an electric Ford might have sounded like something out of a Saturday sci-fi matinee, though things have positively changed!

Many drivers are happily creation a switch from gas to models like a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum, and with good reason. We asked Ford owners since they get charged adult about pushing electric vehicles, and since they felt that now is a good time to get into an EV (especially given Ford has reduced a cost of a electric vehicles and Energis by $3,500 over a final indication year. Plus with provincial incentives* in Ontario, BC and Quebec, it’s probable to buy or franchise a Ford EV for a cost that’s allied to a all-gas-powered equivalent). Unsurprisingly, a owners had copiousness to rush about!

It’s all about guilt-free driving

Clean air—in this day and age, it’s something that many of us cruise about. While CO2 emissions are a fact of life for many of us drivers, it’s a good feeling to know that we can make a suggestive disproportion by switching over to an electric vehicle. To that end, maybe one of a biggest advantages of pushing an electric car —or even a plug-in hybrid like a C-MAX Energi—is that it reduces fuel, as per a 2016 Canadian fuel expenditure guide, thereby shortening your CO2 emissions.

It does your wallet a large favour

Let’s usually take another impulse to bite a honeyed existence that Fusion Energi drivers experience: reduced costs on gasoline and fewer trips to a pump.

When we cruise how most Canadians spend on gas each year ($2,470 on average, according to a 2014 StatCan deliberate of domicile spending), it creates copiousness of cents (get it?).

This is generally loyal with a intensity fuel assets we can suffer from pushing a Fusion Energi contra a allied gas-only vehicle. Based on Fusion Energi’s fuel-cost-per-year total distributed by Natural Resources Canada, we can save scarcely $80 per month compared to a 2.0L engine Fusion that uses usually gas.

A tack in time

EV drivers know that switching to electric is like henceforth fasten business category (in your vehicle). That’s since in Canadian provinces like British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, electric vehicles are available to transport in high-occupancy car (HOV) lanes but carrying to accommodate occupancy requirements. So, not usually are we saving on gas, you’re saving time too. And who doesn’t wish to trim a few mins off their invert each day?

It’s a review starter

Because electric car record is still comparatively new, it’s not something that many of us have resolutely grasped. When we expostulate one around and rivet with other motorists, your Fusion Energi Platinum and what it can do is firm to come up. Starting a review about a advantages that come with owning a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum is easy. Who knows—perhaps one day they’ll be plugging in too!

* Incentive is supposing by a provincial governments of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec and is theme to termination or change but notice. Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is not obliged for any changes to or termination of a inducement and creates no representations about eligibility. Please deliberate your provincial supervision or Ford play for some-more information. Rebate volume varies by authorised car and remuneration option. Certain conditions apply.

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