PCCD: Larry 10 Voorde kicks off a deteriorate with a double victory

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At a initial foe of a deteriorate on Saturday, 10 Voorde kick his Swedish teammate Henric Skoog and Berkay Besler (TR/Car Collection Motorsport). “I’ve been operative tough all winter for this season-opening round. It’s simply good to be rewarded in this way. The setup of a automobile was selected so that we could lift transparent of a margin in a initial half of a race,” pronounced 10 Voorde. 

In fever and temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius, 31 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racers rolled to a grid as partial of a DTM support programme. Ten Voorde (Overdrive Racing by Huber) converted stick position into a lead though was incompetent to lift divided from a margin immediately due to an early reserve automobile phase. At a restart, a 22-year-old demonstrated his knowledge by fortifying his front position and gradually extended his advantage on a 4.574-kilometre racetrack path by lap. As a consequence, outpost Lagen (NL/Förch Racing) was incompetent to put any critical vigour on his compatriot. The Förch motorist crossed a finish in second place after 16 laps 0.6 seconds behind 10 Voorde. “My start was super and wilful for second place. In a final laps we was means to revoke a opening a little, though over a weekend Larry 10 Voorde was faster than me,” pronounced outpost Lagen. 

Porsche Junior Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR) experienced some extreme competition. The 22-year-old took adult a foe from second on a grid, though was incompetent to urge himself from outpost Lagen after a start. Over a laps, a quarrel grown for third place between Evans, Skoog and Luca Rettenbacher (A/MSG/HRT Motorsport). The immature New Zealander successfully fended off his rival’s attacks to measure a third lectern step. “At initial we was a small unhappy that we couldn’t urge second place, though a foe in this array is flattering high, so third feels good,” pronounced Evans. Fourth place went to Igor Walilko (Overdrive Racing by Huber) from Poland.

Porsche Junior Julien Andlauer (BWT Lechner Racing) treated spectators to a energetic opening on a storied German racetrack. The Frenchman took adult a foe from eleventh on a grid before rising a office by a field. At a flag, a 19-year-old had ploughed his approach adult to fifth. “After a start we was nudged by another automobile and mislaid several positions. After that it was a unequivocally good foe with a lot of overtaking. With a improved subordinate result, maybe we could have finished adult on a podium,” settled Andlauer. The positions behind him were assigned by Rettenbacher, Besler and Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team).

In a pledge classification, Stefan Rehkopf (Huber Racing) distinguished a double victory. After clinching initial place on Saturday, a German went on to win again on Sunday. Second place went to Carlos Rivas (L/Black Falcon Team Textar) forward of his German teammate Sören Spreng.

Visiting as special guest were Alexander Pollich (CEO during Porsche Deutschland GmbH) and Bastian Schramm (Director Marketing Porsche Deutschland GmbH). Both gentlemen presented a trophies on a podium. 

After a season-opening weekend, 10 Voorde leads a championship with 50 points. Behind him on second place sits Skoog (27 points) and Besler (25 points) in third. Besler is also a best rookie. After a double-header weekend, a 20-year-old has warranted 45 points in this class. After his double feat in a pledge classification, Rehkopf leads with 50 points. In a group classification, Overdrive Racing by Huber ranks initial (83 points).

For a subsequent double-header, a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland heads to a Czech Republic from 17 to 19 May. Races 3 and 4 of a one-make crater will be contested during a Autodrom Most as support to a ADAC GT Masters.

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
2. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/Förch Racing)
3. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR)
4. Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
5. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing)
6. Luca Rettenbacher (A/MSG/HRT Motorsport)
7. Berkay Besler (TR/Car Collection Motorsport)
8. Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team)
9. Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
10. Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport)

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber), 50 points
2. Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber), 27 points
3. Berkay Besler (TR/Car Collection Motorsport), 25 points

Larry 10 Voorde has won a initial foe of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland season. At Saturday’s event, a Dutchman took a dwindle in initial place forward of his compatriot Jaap outpost Lagen and Porsche-Junior Jaxon Evans. On a Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, 10 Voorde kicked off a 30th anniversary deteriorate of a one-make crater with a lights-to-flag victory. “Starting a deteriorate with a feat is awesome. Still, a foe was tough work. we couldn’t take a racing line in a initial laps since of a soppy lane surface, so it compulsory a good understanding of skill,” pronounced 10 Voorde.

Rain during a morning had done a pavement soppy in some sections of a racetrack. Nevertheless, roughly all of a 30 drivers took off into a foe on slicks underneath pale skies and with a heat of 8 degrees Celsius. Right from a start, 10 Voorde underlined his aspirations to win and immediately pulled transparent of a margin in his 485 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Two reserve automobile phases, however, bunched a margin together again, though a 22-year-old kept his cold during a restarts and took a dwindle 1.8 seconds forward of outpost Lagen. The Förch-Pilot crossed a finish line in second after violence Porsche-Junior Evans in a duel. “The pavement of my grid mark was still soppy and cold, so my tyres weren’t during a ideal heat during a start of a race,” explained outpost Lagen. “Still, I’m unequivocally gratified with my race.” 

For Evans, this was his initial foe in a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. The youngster from New Zealand primarily swept past outpost Lagen during a start to lay in second place. However, outpost Lagen afterwards reclaimed a mark in a hairpin during a finish of Parabolica. “To finish third during my entrance foe in a Carrera Cup is a super start to a season. I’m not unequivocally informed with soppy pavement in Australia, so we found a initial laps a bit wily and we found myself in a run-off section in path one. But a lane dusty adult fast shortly after,” settled Evans. Fourth place went to Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber) forward of his Swedish teammate Henric Skoog.

Larry 10 Voorde, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Hockenheim, 2019, Porsche AG

Race 1 of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland during Hockenheim

Berkay Besler (Car Collection Motorsport) claimed position 6 on a storied 4.574-kilometre racetrack, creation a 20-year-old Turk a best motorist in a supposed Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Talent Pool – a support programme for immature drivers in a one-make cup. Finishing behind a stream champion of a Porsche Sports Cup were Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon) and Gustav Malja (S/Förch Racing).

Porsche-Junior Julien Andlauer (BWT Lechner Racing) was unhappy with his initial opening of a 2019 season. The Frenchman started from position twelve and eventually mislaid one place during a flag. “To be honest, that foe was flattering depressing. we managed to make adult some places after a start, though we got caught in another competitor’s collision, that threw me behind down a field. Obviously I’m not happy with this result,” pronounced Andlauer.

Victory in a pledge difficulty went to Germany’s Stefan Rehkopf (Huber Racing), violence Carlos Rivas (L/Black Falcon Team Textar) and Matthias Jeserich (D/CARTECH Motorsport by Nigrin) on a Hockenheim circuit.

British influencer Sam Fane got a glance behind a scenes

Sam Fane gifted a foe live. The British influencer has his possess YouTube channel “Seen Through Glass” with over 420,000 subscribers. Fane got a glance behind a scenes of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland and documented his day for his followers.

Race dual of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will also be contested during a Hockenheimring, with 10 Voorde again starting from stick position. The foe takes off on Sunday during 11.30 hours as partial of a DTM weekend.

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
2. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/FÖRCH Racing)
3. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR)
4. Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
5. Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
6. Berkay Besler (TR/Car Collection Motorsport)
7. Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon)
8. Gustav Malja (S/FÖRCH Racing)
9. Luca Rettenbacher (A/MSG/HRT Motorsport)
10. Sandro Kaibach (D/MSG/HRT Motorsport)

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