PCCD: Larry 10 Voorde wins a competition during Most in a Czech Republic

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Behind 10 Voorde’s 485 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Porsche Junior Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing) and Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing) assigned a other dual lectern spots. “My start was good and we usually managed to lift transparent of Michael Ammermüller. We afterwards got into a extreme duel, though we both kept it satisfactory during all times. After a restart we was means to open a opening and didn’t make any mistakes,” pronounced 10 Voorde.

This outlines a initial time in a 30-year story of a inhabitant one-make crater that a championship competition is hold on a racetrack in northern Bohemia. Under balmy skies and in temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius, 10 Voorde finished a enormous start and immediately got past pole-sitter Ammermüller. However, a Lechner motorist refused to give adult and looked for a opening to make a opposite move. The reserve automobile phase, however, primarily thwarted Ammermüller’s attempts. Ten Voorde used a restart to lift transparent of his pursuers. After 17 laps, a 22-year-old crossed a finish line in initial place. Andlauer reached a checkered dwindle in second place after overtaking his teammate Ammermüller in path eleven. “I can simply live with this result. Michael Ammermüller was indeed a small faster than me, though in such a conditions we usually have to wait for a mistake,” pronounced Andlauer.

Third position for Ammermüller

Ammermüller voiced his beating after a race: “I could really have finished better. In a initial laps we was faster than Larry 10 Voorde – though we had to behind off since of a reserve car. After a restart we finished a mistake and slid somewhat onto a gravel. Unfortunately, it was usually good for third place.” Fourth position went to a best rookie Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR). “Fourth gives me certainty for Sunday’s race. My start was flattering good and we managed to make adult one position during a start, that we afterwards mislaid in a initial path unfortunately. Ultimately, a wilful cause was that we managed to equivocate a collision in front of me between dual cars,” resolved a Porsche Junior from New Zealand. 

Dylan Pereira (Lechner Racing Team) took a dwindle on a 4.212-kilometre racetrack in position five. Finishing behind a Luxembourger were Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber), Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/Förch Racing) and David Kolkmann (D/Black Falcon). Ninth place was assigned by Germany’s Jannes Fittje (Team Project 1 – JBR). With this result, a 19-year-old was a best motorist from a Talent Pool, a support programme of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer (F/Lechner Racing Team) dull off a tip 10 finishers. 

Carlos Rivas (L/Black Falcon Team Textar) claimed a honour as a best motorist in a pledge class. Second in this difficulty went to Germany’s Matthias Jeserich (Cartech Motorsport by Nigrin) followed by his compatriot Stefan Rehkopf (Huber Racing). 

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Hockenheim, 2019, Porsche AG

Race 3 of Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland in Most

Thanks to his 3 victories so distant this season, 10 Voorde leads a championship standings. With 75 points, a youngster from Boekelo in a Netherlands is forward of 19-year-old Andlauer, who has 37 points to his credit. Third place is assigned by outpost Lagen with 29 points. Race 4 of a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will also be contested in Most. The race, that runs as support to a ADAC GT Masters, takes off on Sunday during 13:25 hrs internal time.

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
2. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing)
3. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
4. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR)
5. Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team)
6. Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
7. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/FÖRCH Racing)
8. David Kolkmann (D/Black Falcon)
9. Jannes Fittje (D/Team Project 1 – JBR)
10. Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer (F/Lechner Racing Team)

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber), 75 points
2. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), 37 points
3. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/FÖRCH Racing), 29 points

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