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Posted on 10. Apr, 2012 by in Volkswagen Canada

Drew with VW

While we was recently visiting The Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab (ERL) in Belmont, CA, to see a series of a latest innovations from Volkswagen (read my prior post on ERL), we also had a event to get a hide demeanour during a swift of electric Golfs, badged as e-Golf. Details are still stirring on these cars as a engineers are low in testing, though here’s a discerning demeanour during what we was means to find out.

I’ll dive into a initial opening specs in a minute, though what done these prototypes mount out from other electrics is a approach they sounded. To keep these cat-like electrics from unctuous adult on chase during places other than a gas station, a engineers have combined a singular sound that, to me, mimics a Hoverboard in Back to a Future II. we unequivocally wish this sound creates it by growth when a e-Golf hits showrooms.

The e-Golf reaches 60 mph in underneath 12 seconds with a tip speed of 86 mph. Torque is totalled during 199 pound-feet that is always on tap, no matter what speed you’re traveling. And with a weight of a batteries being positioned low in a vehicle, I’m told these Golfs are still specially fun to toss by corners.

The estimated pushing operation is 93 miles, that will of march change either you’re punishment a automobile on a lane with a atmosphere conditioning floating or hyper-miling adult and down a 101 during non-peak hours.

To safeguard limit mileage, a e-Golf has a handful of combined facilities to safety energy. Included are 3 pushing modes for regenerative braking, where kinetic appetite is recaptured into a battery. The automobile can also seashore whenever a motorist releases a accelerator pedal.

Similar to how TDI enthusiasts adore to uncover off their high mileage achievements, we design destiny e-Golf owners to do a same for their operation accomplishments. I’m indication a foe in a nearby future…

Tell me what we consider about electric cars and what you’d like to know some-more about a e-Golf that we can demeanour into when we see it again after this year.

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