Perfectly Percolated Pairings

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Oh, honeyed caffeine.

Giver of energy. Friend of alertness. Always there before early meetings, on ungainly initial dates, and by late-night examination cramming.

Quite simply: The fuel for a tank.

When we consider about it like that, we Ford drivers aren’t so opposite from a unequivocally vehicles we drive—whether it’s caffeine,gas or electricity, infrequently we all need a top-up.


And it only so happens that a changed caffeine fixes occur to come in as many opposite sizes, tastes, and varieties as there are Fords on a road.Whether we expostulate a tough and arguable F-150, a worldly Fusion, or an unstoppable Ford Escape, there’s always a ideal pairing between your Ford and your caffeinated bevvy of choice:

Ford Fiesta

Perfect pairing: Café Mocha

Unique flavour? Check. A lurch of fun and adventure? You bet. It’s no consternation that younger drivers tend to tumble in adore with a Fiesta—much like a café mocha, it offers an knowledge value savouring.


Ford Focus

Perfect pairing: Flat White

You’re looking for some-more from your coffee and your car: large ambience in a tiny package, along with an component of elegance. As a Focus driver, we like being a small different, maybe even unconventional. So keep sipping that prosaic white and branch heads while we expostulate around town.

Ford Fusion

Perfect pairing: Cappuccino

When oppulance and comfort count, there are few improved ways to indulge than by pushing a Fusion or spoiling yourself with a velvety-smooth ‘chino.

Ford Mustang

Perfect pairing: Espresso

Bold, energized, and an definite classic. Mustangs and espresso were done for any other. Talk about a shot of excitement!


Ford Escape

Perfect pairing: Pumpkin Spice Latte

You’re trendy, connected, always prepared for a selfie, and fabulously fashionable—just because we ride towards a Escape as mostly as we go for coffee with a sip of autumn.

Ford Edge

Perfect pairing: Americano

A touch some-more sophisticated, sensitively confident, and polished nonetheless muscular. Between a Edge and an Americano, you’ve got yourself one strong pairing.

Ford Explorer

Perfect pairing: Breve

Are we prepared to indulge your high-end tastes and brave spirit? Prefer your latte with cream replaced for milk? You and your Explorer are prepared to suffer life to a fullest (in a humble-brag way, of course…) remaining both stylish and singular all a while.


Ford F-150

Perfect pairing: 2 Double Doubles

Demanding day on a pursuit site? Not a problem—you’re as popular, arguable and ready-to-go as one of Canada’s many loving coffee combos.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

Perfect paring: 4 Double Doubles

When your organisation arch says “bring it on,” he unequivocally means “BRING IT ON.” Nuff said.


Ford GT

Perfect pairing: Absolutely nothing.

Pigs’ll be drifting prolonged before any libation ends adult in your Ford GT—how could we even risk a brief in such a pleasing interior.



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