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, Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest, Hungary


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: 2nd, Start Position: POLE POSITION
“I was struggling a tiny in a initial army on a middle tyres. Lewis was a bit faster and thereafter we went into Turn 2 too deep, it was utterly wily – he was pulling utterly tough and we attempted to be on a edge. At some theatre we realised it would be too late, so we non-stop a automobile since we know a white lines and a immature paint thereafter is unequivocally slippery, so it’s easy to have a spin, and we mislaid a lead. After that a lane aspect was drying. we consider we could have maybe come in a path progressing and thereafter we was on a super-softs – we was feeling utterly good initially, though there was utterly a lot of dump off, we consider it was a same for all of us. In a final stint, we did feel we had some-more speed in a car, though with 20 laps to go it was formidable to know how tough it was going to be during a end, so we couldn’t pull as tough as we would have liked, though still, second currently is an critical step. The McLarens are clever in all sorts of conditions and it’s transparent that for dual races now they have done a step forward; we need to make certain we come behind clever for a subsequent race.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: 5th, Start Position: 6th
“It was a good competition – utterly enjoyable; we done a right call to go for a slicks during a right time, though when a sleet came we suspicion it was going to be heavier – so we went for a middle tyres, though it didn’t come. The group didn’t contend too most about a rain, so we suspicion it was a bit of a warn shower, though we done a preference to go for a intermediates. It didn’t work out for Lewis and we with this play – and it looks foolish in hindsight when a lane dries out, though if it had rained clever adequate for another few minutes, thereafter it would have been a right tyre. So, it’s a excellent line and to get yourself behind in a diversion infrequently we have to purpose a dice. I’m excellent with a preference we made, it’s on my conduct and a group did a good pursuit this weekend.”


“I consider it was a unequivocally wily competition today, generally with a conditions. Initially we led, thereafter Lewis became unequivocally discerning and we forsaken a integrate of places to a McLarens, we thereafter started to redeem gait to them and finished some good array stops. The wilful indicate was opting to use a primary tyres during a final stop to get to a end, that put Sebastian in unequivocally good shape. Then a sleet arrived and for a integrate of laps it was extrinsic either to stay out or to pit. Arguably, for a integrate of laps, inters was a right call and Mark motionless to array for them – we motionless to take a dauntless preference to leave Sebastian out and in a finish it came right, a sleet hold off and P2 is a certain outcome for him. Unfortunately for Mark, he mislaid some places with a penultimate array stop for a middle tyres – though that, he would have been on a lectern today, that is a shame. But, there’s no clear round in those conditions and it could have been a preference that won him a race. It was frustrating to remove a position to Lewis in a shutting stages, with behind markers not unequivocally aiding matters, though Mark came behind during him flattering clever in a final 7 laps. The group now conduct into a summer mangle with an event for a unequivocally well-earned rest, before returning, entirely revitalized, for Spa during a finish of August.”


“It’s a good outcome currently and it could have been a lot worse with all a changing conditions. With Seb’s automobile we had a tiny problem on a engine during a race, it was not there for a prolonged duration though we will have to examine what was going on during this phase, as there was really an emanate – so contemptible to a group for this. Mark’s automobile had no issues engine wise, though unfortunately he mislaid places with a pitstop for intermediates tyres. Still, it was a certain weekend and we got critical points in both Championships.”

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