Porsche launches Digital Lab in Berlin

Posted on 26. Aug, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada


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Porsche is relocating one step closer to digital transformation. The Stuttgart-based sportscar manufacturer has now non-stop a Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin, that will be used to code and exam innovative information record solutions. The Lab provides a height for partnership with record companies, start-ups and a systematic community. Porsche is partnering with a subsidiary, a Ludwigsburg-based association MHP – one of a heading government and IT consultants in a automotive industry.

“We are rising a beginning in a context of surpassing change in a industry. Digital mutation touches any partial of a association – inner processes, patron communication and a products and services. Vehicles are apropos some-more and some-more networked and mobility concepts have changed, sparking a series in a automotive attention and bringing new competitors into play. In this environment, Porsche is aiming to spin a many innovative code in a margin of disdainful and energetic mobility”, says Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of a Executive Board and Member of a Executive Board, Finance and IT.

The Porsche Digital Lab is located in a Berlin district of Friedrichshain. It employs several teams from Porsche and MHP, any of that is tasked with questioning how Porsche can take innovations from a fields of large information appurtenance learning, micro services cloud technologies, and Industry 4.0 a Internet of Things, and spin them into unsentimental solutions. The tasks of these teams operation from trend scouting and ideation to building IT prototypes and components. The work final a artistic proceed and requires tighten hit with innovative record companies. Berlin is home to a multiplying start-up scene, creation it a ideal plcae for a Lab. “The Porsche Digital Lab gives us a event to examination with new technologies and to put IT innovations into use with speed and flexibility”, says Dr. Sven Lorenz, Vice President of Porsche Information Systems.

The Porsche Digital Lab follows prohibited on a heels of Porsche Digital GmbH, that was recently determined in Ludwigsburg. In contrariety to a Digital Lab, that focuses on contrast and a deployment of digital technologies in a company, Porsche Digital GmbH is centred around products and services for a customer. Networked mobility, discerning control concepts and a car architectures of tomorrow are a pivotal elements of a digital ecosystem in that a horde of new services and business models are developed. Digital Lab and Digital GmbH will work hand-in-hand on destiny projects.

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