Premiere in breeze tunnel: Audi Sailing Team Germany tests in Ingolstadt

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Two dinghies and a sea of information – things were utterly inclement in a state-of-the-art Wind Tunnel Center in Ingolstadt. After endless preparations, 4 immature veteran sailors from Audi Sailing Team Germany threw counsel to a breeze and weathered a gale winds in a 470 two-man vessel and a 49er FX Skiff. Target of a activities: perfecting a viewpoint of a navigator and bowman and anticipating a best panoply for a stirring competitions.

The 470er organisation consisted of final year’s Olympic starter Patrick Follmann and immature soldier Julian Stückl. Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke, winners of a German 49er FX Championships 2012, also trafficked to a test. Under a sharp eyes of Joachim Hellmich, coordinator of Audi Sailing Team Germany, a 4 athletes were intensely eager about a training session: they ran by several breeze scenarios, that had indeed been available underneath genuine conditions during a Olympic summer games in London and during a Kieler Woche. Sometimes standing, infrequently sitting or unresolved overboard in a trapeze – a sailors successfully defied a clever winds imagining from a roughly 2.6 Megawatt turbine and against breeze speeds of adult to 60 km/h in opposite sailing garments.

“That was a successful, though surprising training day. Perhaps a many surprising that we have ever had,” says Joachim Hellmich. “Thanks to a information we collected we now have a most improved thought of that viewpoint is a best for any activity on a boat. Our wardrobe partners will positively also be means to advantage from a measurements in a Audi breeze tunnel.” Susann Beucke, helmswoman for a 49 FX added: “After we jumped from a 470 into a new women’s 49er FX Skiff, tests with a vessel like here in a Audi breeze hovel are a acquire event to reconnoitre ourselves with a new Olympic class. A singular possibility for Tina and me to optimize a trim deliberation aerodynamic factors.”

The Ingolstadt formed vehicle association supports a Audi Sailing Team Germany as categorical unite and reward partner given 2010. The exam day in a breeze hovel was usually one approach of boosting a German inhabitant sailing group for a stirring hurdles in general sailing. The work is already directed during a subsequent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Among a earnest possibilities is also Laser soldier Philipp Buhl, who is also a patrol member. He usually recently perceived a ‘Sailor of a Year’ fame during a display of a ‘Sailing Team Germany Award’. In further to a European title, a 23-year aged from Sonthofen also scooped double bullion and bronze during a ISAF Sailing World Cup final year.

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