Press Conference BMW Group: THE NEXT 100 YEARS Harald Krueger Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG Santa Monica Air Center, 10 Oct 2016, 10:00 a.m.

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This means a lot to me personally, as well. we have many lustful memories
of my years during a Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. we was there in
1994, when a initial American-made BMW rolled off a public line.
It’s a impulse I’ll never forget. Today, Spartanburg is a largest
plant in a general prolongation network. More than 70 percent of
a BMW X models we furnish in a US are for trade to a world.
Spartanburg also shows that: Our joining to a US is, and will
remain, prolonged term. We trust that a US will play a heading purpose in
destiny mobility. we know and conclude how open and accepting
Americans are for anything new and innovative.

The State of California is righteously deliberate to be a colonize in
sustainability, generally when it comes to a rebate of
emissions. We share a common prophesy for tolerable mobility. Already
behind in 2008 during a L.A. Auto Show, dual models with innovative
drivetrains had their universe premieres: Our BMW Concept 7 Series
ActiveHybrid and a MINI E. With a entirely electric MINI E, we began
a world’s largest margin hearing for
e-mobility, starting right
here in Los Angeles behind in 2009. we remember how people on a streets
gave us a thumbs adult for a pioneering spirit. It noted the
commencement of an sparkling journey. Today, a Los Angeles metropolitan
area is again a ideal plcae for a final stop of a “Iconic
Impulses” universe tour. Together with you, we are opening a new chapter
in a destiny of a BMW Group.


The enterprise to be on a pierce is inbred in tellurian nature. Individual
mobility creates leisure and meets a personal needs of people’s
daily lives. However, in a fast changing universe – individual
mobility contingency develop to accommodate a new mandate of a complicated society.
Completely new solutions are needed. As a BMW Group, we wish to make
an effective grant to accommodate a vital amicable hurdles of the

21st century.


Our association has always driven swell in a attention by its
technical innovations. For a customers, we have done individual
mobility even safer, some-more connected and comfortable. Our past success
strengthens us in a trust of what we can do. But above all, it
provides proclivity for new ideas. Now, a new epoch of individual
mobility is about to begin.

The 4 executive issues in this mutation will be what could be
called a ACES. This stands for: Automated, Connected, Electrified,
and Shared. Our Strategy Number ONE NEXT provides answers to all
of a new challenges. Our prophesy is: To be Number ONE. To inspire
people on a move. To figure tomorrow’s particular reward mobility.


Already today, we offer a widest operation of electric vehicles and
plug-in variety in a reward segment. Our business conclude this:
In a initial 8 months of this year, we already sole more
choice expostulate vehicles than in a whole of 2015. With our
Strategy Number
ONE NEXT we will evenly electrify
all brands and indication array within a Group. This includes new fully
electric vehicles like a BMW X3 and MINI. At a same time, we are
expanding a BMW i portfolio to fit a customers’ requirements:
Orders for a new BMW i3 with 50 per cent some-more battery ability have
been really positive. In 2018, we will supplement a serve i indication – a BMW
i8 Roadster. The subsequent miracle will be a BMW iNEXT in 2021 – our
new spearhead of innovation. This automobile will underscore a clever claim
to care in highly-automated and unconstrained driving.


This is usually one instance how we are pushing digitalization brazen in
all areas of a association with Strategy Number ONE NEXT. With
this, we will emanate a subsequent vital change as a company: In a past
decade, we have developed from being a heading reward automobile association to
a heading provider of reward mobility and services. Now, we aim to
turn a heading tech association and creation motorist in a margin of mobility.

Digitalization creates new possibilities to give a business an
even some-more romantic and personal experience. With Number ONE NEXT

we have a transparent roadmap for 2020 and 2025.


However, we are a idealist association and not usually a future-oriented
one. And that takes suggestion – a arrogance to consider apart forward and
expect destiny patron desires and a needs of society. What
competence that apart destiny demeanour like? We took a megatrends for 2030:
And we trust these 6 categorical topics will play a essential purpose for mobility:


  • Mobility is becoming
    . New forms of mobility will open adult countless
    possibilities for people to get from A to B.
  • Connectivity is becoming
    second nature
    . Everything will be connected in a future.
    We resolutely trust that digitalization and synthetic intelligence
    contingency advantage mankind.
  • Mobility is becoming
    . This means mobility will turn some-more flexible
    and tailored to a particular user.
  • Technology is becoming
    . Technologies are removing smarter by a day. They can
    learn from humans and adjust accordingly.
  • Energy is becoming
    . We will continue to exercise sustainability
    via a value sequence – including production.
  • Responsibility is becoming
    . Global companies essay to urge a lives of the
    people they are connected with. The BMW Group supports some-more than 200
    environmental and amicable projects in over 42 countries and promotes
    intercultural exchange.


All of these destiny trends will change a mobility behavior. For us
during a BMW Group, a destiny is already here. Earlier this year, we
presented a Vision Vehicles for a BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce
brands. All of them offer common technologies: autonomous, electric
and connected. Yet, any code interprets a mobility of a future
to simulate a possess standard values and code promise.


And today, we will benefaction to we a prophesy on dual wheels. Our

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is a final prominence of our
“Iconic Impulses” tour. This is a initial time all 4 Vision
Vehicles will make a corner appearance. You will have a possibility to see
all of them later.
Together, they emanate a transparent design of
tomorrow’s particular mobility.


In a centennial year, we chose a sign THE NEXT 100 YEARS:
Because a prophesy is zero reduction than that. On Mar 7th – it was a
really special impulse for me as CEO to symbol a start of a subsequent 100
years, together with a subsequent generation, in Munich.


And currently – with these 4 Vision Vehicles – we wish to uncover that we
have already arrived during a place others are still usually forgetful about.


Thank you!



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