Production of a new ŠKODA Octavia starts in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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ŠKODA now launched prolongation of a new ŠKODA Octavia during GAZ Group’s bureau in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The ŠKODA Octavia is by distant a brand’s bestselling automobile in Russia. This renouned SKODA model’s third era is a category of a own, impressing with lots of space, high functionality, top-class safety, fit engines and a timelessly superb design.

“We are aiming for clever expansion in Russia in a years ahead, and a start of prolongation of a new ŠKODA Octavia is a really critical step in this direction,“ says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Russia has turn a third-most critical sales marketplace worldwide and a series dual in Europe. The Octavia now accounts for some-more than half of ŠKODA’s sales in Russia. In rising a third Octavia generation, we are aiming to extend a good success story this bestseller of ours has been essay and henceforth boost a brand’s expansion in Russia,” says Vahland.

Production in Nizhny Novgorod is in team-work with Volkswagen Group Russia (VGR) and Russian automobile manufacturer GAZ. “Producing a new Octavia in nation will yield critical movement for a code in Russia and so strengthen a corporate strategy,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA house member for prolongation and logistics.

Production in Russia involves a whole automobile prolongation routine including physique production, portrayal and assembly. The new ŠKODA Octavia is a second ŠKODA indication after a ŠKODA Yeti to run off a line in Nizhny Novgorod.

In credentials for a prolongation of these dual models, partners VGR, GAZ and ŠKODA invested a sum of about 300 million euros in new plant and extensive modernisation work in Nizhny Novgorod. Also, a new training centre for internal prolongation staff was combined during a plant in early 2012. “At a basement of a success of a cars in a markets is uniform peculiarity worldwide. The training centre during GAZ ensures an end-to-end peculiarity government during this location, too,” says Michael Oeljeklaus.

The ŠKODA Octavia is a brand’s bestselling automobile in Russia by far. “The Octavia is a heart of a brand,” says Vahland. In 2012, ŠKODA sole 52,000 Octavias to Russian customers, homogeneous to roughly 52 per cent of all of ŠKODA’s sales in Russia final year. In a initial 5 months of 2013, a Octavia’s share of ŠKODA’s sales in Russia even rose to 56 per cent as about 18,800 business opted for a ŠKODA Octavia from Jan by May.”

More than ever, a Octavia’s third era sets standards in a compress segment, impressing with an unmatched space offering, a new design, high functionality, innovative reserve and comfort systems, higher fuel economy, countless “Simply Clever” ideas and a ŠKODA-typical price-value ratio.

ŠKODA is behaving intensely good in Russia, environment a new sales record in 2012 during 99,100 units. This means a association is impressively building on a awfully successful display in new years: from 2005 to 2012, ŠKODA increasing sales to Russian business some-more than thirteenfold. In a initial 5 months of 2013, ŠKODA sole 33,700 cars in Russia.

Under a 2018 expansion strategy, Skoda aims to boost a worldwide sales to during slightest 1.5 million per year. To this end, a association has instituted a largest indication descent in a 118-year history. In this year alone, ŠKODA will launch 8 new or revised models, among them 4 variants of a Octavia. By a finish of 2015, ŠKODA aims to totally revamp a indication operation and enhance it in critical segments.

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