Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Press Conference, International CES, Las Vegas, Jan 7, 2014 – Speech

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Ladies and gentlemen, creation is an incremental partial of a Audi success story. It’s a DNA.

For some-more than 30 years, Audi has been heading a automotive industry. For roughly 3 decades, we have been closely associated with Audi. As an engineer, we am particularly committed to a goal of a company: “Vorsprung durch Technik”. And it was usually in 2013 that a MIT named Audi one of a 50 many disruptive companies of a universe in terms of innovation.

And that is what we will uncover we today.

2013, in general, has been really successful for Audi:

  • in terms of sales,
  • in terms of products,
  • in terms of motorsports.

For a initial time ever, we delivered some-more than 1.5 million cars to a business in one year.

With that, we over-achieved a vital miracle on a roadmap to spin a world’s heading reward manufacturer.

In 2013, we had 15 marketplace introductions including 7 new Audi S and Audi RS models as good as a Audi R8 and a new Audi A8. All of them will expostulate a success story even further. In 2013, we also enriched a many successful Audi A3 family with a new sedan and a cabrio entrance to a US in summer 2014.

2013 has been one of a many successful years in a motorsport story – with a feat of a World Endurance Championship and a double-win of a DTM, a best-established racing array in Europe, Russia and China. That’s really motivating for a arriving season.

When we demeanour into a innovative products of 2014 and beyond, we are really assured about a swell we will make. We have only announced to transcend a series of 60 models by 2020.

Just as one example, consider about a Audi A3 e-tron we move to a marketplace in 2014.

It’s a absolute multiple of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid, with glorious potency levels and uncompromised pushing pleasure.

Until 2018, we will exercise a largest investment module in a story of a company.

Approximately 22 billion Euros that is homogeneous to some-more than 30 billion US Dollars. We will deposit in new technologies, new products, new RD and prolongation sites to serve extend a tellurian footprint.

Innovation continues to be a guideline. Audi is about enlightening cars. Making cars safer, some-more convenient, some-more connected and some-more efficient. That is a goal and that is  my shortcoming as Chief Technical Officer.

And we go even further: Audi is about redefining mobility. We set a gait for a destiny of mobility, a mobility that will be some-more connected than ever. 90 percent of all creation in automotive engineering is formed on electrics and electronics. Just consider about a implausible series of semiconductor inclination in a Audi A8. Performance and technical complexity are augmenting during quick pace. So do usability and patron friendliness.

The some-more connected cars become, a some-more connected we need to be. In a tellurian RD team, we work closely with a wiring industry. We are really gratified about a additional opportunities a new Open Automotive Alliance will offer. Starting in 2014, we will work with Google and NVIDIA and move their imagination on mobile inclination to a cars.

For fit engineering and stretchable production, we precedence a modular pattern system, to a advantage of a customers. Once a next-generation hardware member becomes available, it will be easy to ascent a modular infotainment complement right away.

At a Audi counter here, we might knowledge a many modernized megatrends in automotive:

  • Lighting,
  • Connectivity,
  • Infotainment,
  • Human Machine Interface and
  • Piloted driving.

We cover all of these 5 megatrends to figure a destiny of mobility. And a exhibits ideally simulate them. We reconnoitre we with a game-changing interior of a next-generation Audi TT. It is indeed a universe premiere. The new TT is a third era of a successful compress sports car. As an engineer, we take honour in a prior TT generations my group and we brought to a streets. And we are really assured about a success of this new car.

For many years, Audi has been THE benchmark for tellurian appurtenance interface systems. For a new TT, we redefined this concept. We call it a practical cockpit and total a multi media interface guard with a cockpit. This allows for a slim pattern of a instruments board.

In other words: this is lightweight construction in a interior.

The practical cockpit is entirely digital and optimally driver-focused. It’s an handling apparatus that is really easy to handle. It offers extended reserve and comfort features, extended complement opening and shining graphics.

Once again, Audi is heading a attention with bringing modernized chip technologies to a automobile. The new Audi TT with a practical cockpit will spin accessible after this year. Watch out for some-more news to come.

The second vaunt during a counter supports this approach, too. The lights of a Audi Sport quattro laserlight concept, another universe premiere here during CES. For many years, Audi has been heading a automotive attention in terms of lighting technology. Laser light outlines another step brazen in lighting technology. In a past, cars used xenon lights and LED daytime lights.

In 2007, Audi became a initial to supply all-LED headlamps. In 2013, we introduced interactive Matrix LED headlamps for a Audi A8 sedan. They hoop roughly one billion of opposite light scenarios. Thanks to intelligent electronic management, a light beams don’t blind or daunt approaching drivers. Looking forward, Matrix LEDs will spin accessible to even some-more Audi models and some-more countries including a US.

At present, we code a trend to smaller light sources with softened liughtness and larger range. And that is because we see a destiny in laser light. It is even sharper, safer and some-more efficient. It has a intensity to serve raise LED lights. The Audi Sport quattro laserlight judgment facilities headlamps that are 3 times stronger than LEDs. Its light lamp extends a length of 5 football fields. Thanks to a fit record transfer, we will be a initial vehicle code to put laser light into production. And even before, we will see it on a racetracks.

In April, a next-generation R18 e-tron quattro competition vehicle will have a premiere in Silverstone.

Many other universe continuation championship races will follow in 2014, including a famous 24 hours of Le Mans in June. With 2013 being one of a many successful motorsport years in a story of Audi, we are 100 percent committed to urge a World Endurance Championship trophy.

As an disdainful preview, we uncover we some sum of a R18 e-tron quattro antecedent here during CES. This antecedent creates us good positioned for success. It’s a masterpiece of lightweight construction. It comes along with a rarely formidable drivetrain complement and an fit hybrid upheld by an e-booster.

In addition, a extensive set of pushing assistance services will support a motorist and a Audi team. This kind of modernized connectivity is vicious for any kind of severe situations during a race. Professional drivers who are lerned for any kind of trade conditions would never go without.

Motorsports have always been a good contrast sourroundings for new technologies – and so it will be in 2014. While a extremes of a racetrack are really opposite from daily commuting, there is an augmenting series of situations where Audi connectivity solutions will spin essential.

That is a brief overview of how we interpret a bequest of Audi engineering into a megatrends of destiny mobility. For a some-more minute discernment on how we compare German engineering and Silicon Valley brainpower, we would like to spin it over to Ricky Hudi, Head of Development for Electrics and Electronics during Audi.

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