Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Press Conference, North American International Auto Show, Detroit, Jan 13, 2014

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Ladies and gentlemen, a Audi allroad sharpened brake. Isn’t this a pleasing car?

For an engineer, it is one of a truly good moments to come on theatre here in Detroit and benefaction a mint judgment car.

A automobile that is singular and path-finding in many ways, a automobile that combines core values of Audi entrance from TT, quattro and allroad. This judgment automobile has a intensity to stir business around a globe.

The Audi allroad sharpened stop is a two-door compress sports automobile in a new look. Measuring 4.2 meters in length and 1.85 meters in width, a Audi allroad sharpened mangle has a absolute highway stance. It’s a crossover for all roads and tracks, for bland pushing pleasure. It tells we about a expansion of a automobile – 0 less. Let me give we 3 examples.

1. The expansion of Audi design: If we demeanour during a quattro allroad framework and a sharpened stop share, we get an thought of what a new Audi TT will demeanour like, a third era of a successful compress sports car. The interior facilities a really romantic and high-quality dashboard that gives a preview to a TT, light-weight chair shells, a stretchable core console formed on shift-by-wire and a multi-functional steering circle that allows for sporty handling.

2. The expansion of human-machine interface (HMI) and doing systems: Audi has been a trailblazer in these areas – for many years. The HMI systems of this judgment automobile are identical to a new Audi TT interior as we presented it during a International CES in Las Vegas.

We combined a practical cockpit, entirely digital and optimally driver-focused. It offers an even extended complement opening and shining graphics. Drivers will knowledge singular doing comfort and 0 daze – and this is really important.

3. The expansion of drivetrain technology: The Audi allroad sharpened stop comes with an considerable 300 kW drivetrain, homogeneous to 408 hp complement opening and a torque of 650 Nm. With a quattro all-wheel drive, this automobile is another proof of how absolute Audi plug-in variety are.

It combines a 2.0 l TFSI engine during 215 kW or 288 hp with dual electric motors during 40 kW respectively 85 kW. By a way, a 85 kW engine is located during a back axe.

When a back engine teams adult with a front engine, a Audi allroad sharpened stop turns into an Audi e-tron quattro.

With usually 4.6 sec from 0 to 100, a choice expostulate record offers a same turn of opening we might design from each other Audi.

And even more: it takes potency to a new level. The electric expostulate allows for a operation of 50 km.

In a European cycle, a Audi allroad sharpened stop has a expenditure of usually 1.9 liters/100km that is homogeneous to a mileage of 130 mpg. These opening indicators are clearly a benchmark for efficiency.

In my view, ladies and gentlemen, any kind of destiny mobility will need to be efficient, sustainable, connected and multi-varied.

Audi will offer a series of drivetrain technologies in parallel: From high-tech explosion engines to e-gas engines, hybrids, plug-in variety and battery electrics. At Audi, a destiny of mobility is already there. It is a daily business for my group of some-more than 10.000 engineers worldwide.

Our business design innovative solutions that support their connected lifestyle. Therefore, we partner with start-up companies and heading players of a wiring industry.

Among others, we concentration on synchronizing a creation loops of a automotive and a wiring industry. That’s how we keep gait with a brief growth and product life cycles

in electronics. As an example, one of a concentration areas is to creation certain that a solutions are upgradeable.

When German pointing engineering meets Silicon Valley creativity, we get this singular kind of mobility knowledge usually Audi can offer. Thanks to this partnership , a cars will turn truly mobile devices. Watch out for some-more to come.

Thank you.

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