Prof. Rupert Stadler, Audi Press Conference, North American International Auto Show, Detroit, Jan 13, 2014

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Ladies and gentlemen, a new Audi A8 is a many sporty sedan of Audi’s luxury segment. A premiere for a United States here in Detroit. Scott Keogh, President of Audi of America, and we know that this new Audi A8 will excite and remonstrate business in a US. It will come to a Audi dealership from summer on.

And it will supplement another section to a movement story of Audi in a United States. Scott and his illusory group will make it occur – appreciate we so most in advance.

For roughly 20 years, a Audi A8 has been a really successful climax of a reward sedan family. And again, a engineers took all their imagination and loyalty and came adult with a loyal masterpiece: Refined and uncompromised design, reward peculiarity and wise during top perfection, record engineered for a ideal expostulate and benchmark potency in a segment. The new Audi A8 takes all of these qualities to a new level. One critical detail: Our 6 cylinder TDI purify diesel has a remarkably low expenditure ensuing in 36 miles per gallon on a highway and benchmark CO2 efficiency.

The new A8 is truly a synonym for how a Audi engineers are pulling a boundary of technology. And that’s what we are committed to – in a essay to position a Audi code to where it belongs – a apex of a reward automotive industry.

2013 has been an intensely successful year for Audi: We saw a new all-time record in terms of sales, we launched pathfinding technologies and products and we outperformed a foe in motorsports.

For a initial time ever, we delivered some-more than 1.57 million cars, 8.3 percent some-more than 2012. With this, we over-achieved a vital aim of 1.5 million cars dual years progressing than planned.

In other words: in a past 4 years alone, we have captivated some-more than 600,000 new business worldwide. Let me take this event to appreciate a tellurian group for this extensive accomplishment.

And, ladies and gentlemen, we do not rest on a laurels. We are committed to pull a expansion even serve toward a idea of dual million units per year in 2020.

This year, we are adding movement with a tellurian marketplace introduction of 17 earnest models – among them, we will see 5 new cars such as Audi S1, Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid, Audi A3 g-tron with e-gas and a third era of a Audi TT Coupé.

We pursue a goal of apropos a world’s heading reward automobile manufacturer.

This is because we recently announced a largest investment module of a association history. We will spend a sum of approximately 22 billion Euros by 2018, homogeneous to some-more than 30 billion dollars. Two thirds of this volume will go into new prolongation sites, new products, and new technologies and innovations.

We are committed to constantly enlightening a automobiles.

And we are equally committed to redefining mobility.

For many years, Audi has been a personality in automotive wiring and human-machine interface solutions. We were a initial automobile manufacturer to showcase during a International CES in 2011 – and final week in Las Vegas, we saw a lot of courtesy for

our latest innovations on:

  • piloted pushing and parking,
  • high-speed LTE standard,
  • virtual cockpit for a next-generation TT sports car,
  • and laser light technology.

In these areas, we are truly heading a industry.

Also, we announced a Open Automotive Alliance where we partner with record leaders such as Google to move Android applications to a cars, starting in 2014.

All of these innovations are truly confidant stairs brazen to move an even safer and some-more discerning automobile record to a streets.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Professor Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, will now give we a deeper discernment in what we prognosticate for a future. Please acquire Dr. Hackenberg and a subsequent vehicular masterpiece from Audi.

Thank you.

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