Profile of Joel Eriksson: “I like hurdles – a bigger, a better.”

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Munich. Joel Eriksson (SWE) joins Philipp Eng (AUT) as one of
dual newcomers in a BMW motorist choice for a 2018 DTM season. He
is creation a step adult from BMW Motorsport Junior to works driver. At
19 years of age, he is a second youngest BMW motorist ever to have
raced in a DTM. A form of a Swede:


When a DTM deteriorate gets underway with a opening competition during Hockenheim
(GER) on 6th May 2018, BMW Team RBM motorist Eriksson will be
accurately 19 years and 10 months old, creation him a youngest BMW driver
given a Munich-based manufacturer returned to a DTM in 2012. In
a finish story of a DTM, usually one BMW motorist done his entrance at
a younger age than Eriksson: Czech motorist Vaclav Bervid was four
months younger than a Swede when he done his entrance in a BMW M3,
before going on to competition both a 1992 and 1993 seasons.


Eriksson’s intensity became apparent early in his career. After many
successes on a karting circuit in his local Sweden, he entered the
ADAC Formula Masters for a initial time in 2014, aged 15, and took
usually 4 races to record his initial win. The following year, he
finished runner-up in a ADAC Formula 4 series, with 7 competition wins
to his name. In 2016, Eriksson won a prestigious “Masters of Formula
3” during Zandvoort (NED) while contesting his initial deteriorate in Formula 3
– a year that he finished as a tip rookie.


In a same season, he was supposed onto a BMW Motorsport Junior
programme, that enclosed Eriksson holding partial in a DTM Young Driver
Tests and pushing a BMW M4 DTM Race Taxi during several competition weekends.
That gave him profitable insights into a daily work of a drivers and
teams in a DTM.


At a same time, Eriksson was in pretension row for prolonged periods
of his second deteriorate in Formula 3. He won 7 races and ultimately
finished runner-up in a championship.


Ten statements from Joel Eriksson.


Competing for BMW in a DTM means to me… 

“…a dream come true. My idea has always been to competition in a DTM at
some indicate in my career, so it feels positively amazing!”


The toughest plea in a DTM will be…

“…to learn all a new things, a automobile and all around that.
However, we like challenges: a bigger, a better!”


I’m quite looking brazen to…

“…the initial race… we can’t wait to be sat in a automobile on a grid
looking during those starting lights. we am also looking brazen to
starting to work with BMW full time now. I’ve been operative with them
for around one and a half years, though usually as a Junior motorist and
haven driver.”


I like a BMW M4 DTM because…

“…for a “touring car” kind of car, it is so discerning in a corners. It
feels like sitting in an F3 automobile though usually with a roof over me. It’s
usually extraordinary how they have been means to build a automobile like that. I’m
unequivocally tender by it.”


In my initial year in a DTM, we wish to…

“…win a championship. It’s a large goal, though given aim for anything
less? It’s going to be tough but, as we pronounced before, we like challenges
and I’m prepared to do anything to grasp that. The good thing is that
I’m surrounded by such good drivers, so we could and will learn a lot
from them.”


Having a former DTM champion as my team-mate will be…

“…great. we can usually see good things with that. It feels good for me
to have such a good motorist as him beside me, given there will be a
lot of things to learn from him and it creates it many easier for me to
know all many quicker.”


My favourite circuit on a DTM calendar is… (and why)

“…Red Bull Ring, though any doubt. It has been my favourite track
given a initial path we did on it. It’s a lane that has a bit of
all – we have high-speed corners, low-speed corners and
total corners. It has some-more or reduction all that we like. Also,
a perspective around a lane while pushing is amazing. we usually adore the
lane and all about it!”


The many critical thing we schooled on a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme is…

“…how to work as a veteran racing driver. we also schooled a lot
about how to work with a racing automobile and how to be discerning in it. I’ve
schooled a lot about a media as well, how to do a media work in the
best way, and it has been really useful to me. It’s something we’ve
always taken seriously, perplexing to yield a good media service, though I
schooled what is compulsory from me privately from a manufacturer’s
indicate of view. There have been many good things about a Junior
programme, that have been really useful for me in my career.”


Sweden is producing so many good racing drivers because…

“…to be honest, I’ve got no idea!”


My purpose indication when we was a child was…

“…Kimi Räikkönen, and it has always been. we like a approach he drives
and how ease he is. We have many things in common, Kimi and I.” 

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