Quotes after a competition during a Lausitzring

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Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “Mike (Rockenfeller) gathering a crafty and crafty competition currently – that’s a approach to bind titles in a DTM. That he’s heading a standings now after 4 races says something for ‘Rocky’ as good as for a Audi RS 5 DTM, that has been discerning on all marks so far. Now, a subsequent dual vital tasks are entrance adult for us: Le Mans and afterwards a DTM home spin during a Norisring where we’ve still got some unprepared business.”

Dieter Gass (Head of DTM): “Obviously, Mike Rockenfeller’s second place is superb. We discussed with him during length how to strategically put him in a best position since we were endangered about a 3 Mercedes cars during a front. In a end, we chose a best option. That we put Mike on lectern in second place – as he of march did by his opening as good – is a good result.”

Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM), 2nd place
“It was a really good race. Starting from position six, we squeezed out a maximum. we even came tighten to being means to conflict for feat but, in all fairness, you’ve got to acknowledge that Gary (Paffett) was simply faster in a end. ‘Thank you’ to my team. It was a purify competition and we were quick. We’ve still got to urge some more, though: There are some marks entrance up, quite a subsequent one, where we haven’t been so crafty adult to now. But we’re aiming and – have to – grasp a limit there as well.”

Jamie Green (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM), 5th place
“Dropping from third place to fifth was a bit disappointing. But we trust that we gathering a good race. we had a good start and was closely following (Christian) Vietoris. But we both mislaid belligerent to Mike Rockenfeller. At a finish of my initial stint, we mislaid a lot of time when a choice tires heavily degraded.”

Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM), 8th place
“It was good to expostulate a good race. But subordinate stays a key. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do from position 18 on a grid. At least, we was means to make adult a vast series of places. A lot some-more than that wasn’t probable today.”

Edoardo Mortara (Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM), 9th place
“It was a formidable competition for me. I’ve scored my initial points, though I’m a bit unhappy about ninth place. We were really rival final year and won dual races. And now I’ve got to conflict a lot. I’m anticipating for things to urge in a entrance races.”

Adrien Tambay (Audi ultra RS 5 DTM), 11th place
“The start was good. we was out of a DRS section and that’s since it was tough to locate adult with ‘Rocky’. My automobile was okay. Maybe we pitted a bit too late and so mislaid a few positions. However, we consider that a approach some drivers pass is a bit rough – after all, we’re not pushing batch automobile races.”

Miguel Molina (Audi RS 5 DTM), 16th place
“We started with a opposite plan than a others. In a initial turn, we mislaid a few positions. In a beginning, we had a good pace, though a final army wasn’t good: My tires were spiritless and we wasn’t means to conflict anymore. But we trust we’re operative in a right instruction and are going to grasp a good outcome soon.”

Filipe Albuquerque (Audi Financial Services RS 5 DTM), 18th place
“We opted for a unsure strategy.  On a final 15 laps, a tires degraded totally – a automobile was heavily oversteering.”

Timo Scheider (AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM), 20th place
“Everything went good during a start. The plan of primarily using on customary tires and to fast switch to choice tires was good. Starting from a rear, we had to take this risk. But afterwards a choice tires degraded too heavily and we mislaid adult to 3 seconds per lap. We had to make a third array stop. Now we’ve got to investigate since we had such complicated wear.”

Hans-Jürgen Abt (Team Director Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline): “As a team, we can be gratified with Jamie (Green) in fifth place and Mattias (Ekström) in eighth. We squeezed out a maximum. All array stops worked well. Now we’ve got to try and continue to urge a opening and to be in a good position for a Norisring.”

Ernst Moser (Team Director Audi Sport Team Phoenix): “We comparison a right plan again. ‘Rocky’ had a glorious speed though was slowed a bit by (Robert) Wickens. After he had overtaken him, feat would have been probable though during a finish of a army on a choice tires he had vibrations and we called him into a pits. Otherwise, he’d have upheld (Gary Paffett). We had glorious array stops and showed that we’re in row during a really front. Miguel (Molina) started on choice tires. Unfortunately, he got caught in a starting collision and forsaken to a distant back again. For that, this plan wasn’t right.”

Arno Zensen (Team Director Audi Sport Team Rosberg):
“Congratulations to ‘Rocky,’ he gathering a good race. He’s on a hurl this deteriorate and hopefully it’ll continue like this. In Filipe’s (Albuquerque) case, we took a play on a plan though it backfired on us. In a end, a tires mislaid performance. In a box of Edo (Mortara), a plan and a speed were okay; we’re happy about a initial points. Edo gathering a good race. We only had to call him into a pits a bit progressing than designed since he was encountering traffic.”

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