Quotes after a Spa 24 Hours

Posted on 27. Jul, 2015 by in Audi Canada

Christian Mamerow (Audi Sport Team Phoenix #5), position 3

“I frequency knew a track. The final time we raced here was in 2008, in a Supercup. And on Thursday, we was on lane in a dim for a initial time. In addition, after my collision during a Nürburgring, contesting a 24-hour competition right in a second run was a special situation. Plus, we wasn’t informed with a sleet tire. The motorist with a best feel for a automobile and a lane should begin. That’s since we was a final driver, though that was a right decision. Having such a arguable automobile was a glorious opening by a whole group and by Audi. That was a basement for advancing to third place.”

Christopher Mies (Audi Sport Team Phoenix #5), position 3

“We were a final to design a lectern ourselves, since we had a one-lap necessity early when we motionless to use slicks and a sleet started again shortly afterwards. We were hapless to remove another half of a path behind a reserve car. We were in position 45. At that point, third place was zero though a dream. Afterwards, we gathering a 24-hour competition arrange of in subordinate mode since we wanted to redeem a deficit. We had a good strategy. we unequivocally like Spa and finished on lectern in 4 events. The usually thing that’s blank now is feat which, hopefully, we’re going to make adult for.”

Nicki Thiim (Audi Sport Team Phoenix #5), position 3

“It was good to have a event of pushing a new Audi R8 LMS here. We mislaid a lot of time in a beginning. But we have to take my shawl off to a group and a other drivers. We recovered to a front of a field. I’m happy about finishing my initial 24-hour competition during Spa on podium.”

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