Quotes following Audi’s delight during Le Mans

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Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “This was no doubt one of a many stirring and action-packed races during Le Mans. For us, it was also one of a many formidable ones and that’s why, in my personal ranking of emotions, it takes one of a tip spots. The whole week was a duration of many highs and lows for us. And during a 24 hours each automobile was using in front during slightest once. In a initial dual thirds of a race, it was a rivals and in a final third we worked a approach towards a front. This can usually be achieved with a unequivocally special group performance. The multiple of an fit judgment and a group of clever drivers, who remove a best from it – that was a pivotal to success.”

Chris Reinke (Head of LMP): “The initial judgment for a new R18 was combined dual years ago and for a past 9 months we’ve been intensively contrast a car. To have reached a aim now, to have overcome all a hurdles and to be on tip of a lectern is apparently a biggest thing for all of us. Anyone who’s watched a whole competition can conclude a volume of appetite that had to be put into this effort. I’m unapproachable of a whole squad.”

Ralf Jüttner (Team Director Audi Sport Team Joest): “This was an well-developed race. Everybody was heading some of a time, pitted for repairs, some late – this competition unequivocally offering a lot. And in a end, a best cars with a best drivers and a strongest teams won. Thank we unequivocally many guys! Everybody could see how tough they worked and how quick they prepared a totally new car. What nobody saw was a work they did in a past months, that was a whole lot more. All my interjection go to them.”

Marcel Fässler (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “A shining competition for us, yet also one with many highs and lows for all a crews and manufacturers. The spectators saw a illusory competition in that a tables kept branch and that was indeterminate and stirring by to a final hours. We were within distinguished stretch for a prolonged time, afterwards led a race, and afterwards mislaid belligerent again. In a end, function was on a side. Not usually since of a ideal outcome yet also since of a premiere according to a new regulations, Le Mans 2014 was a miracle for Audi.”

André Lotterer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “This was a illusory day for us following some unequivocally stressful weeks for a whole Audi squad.  The competition started good and a spectators saw a good conflict between all 3 manufacturers. When an Audi retired, we chased Toyota as a duo. After a rivals had a problem, a approach seemed to be clear. Then we had a problem. But a mechanics never mislaid their proclivity and unequivocally fast altered a turbocharger. They know Le Mans and what needs to be done.”

Benoît Tréluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “I’m vivacious after this implausible race. There was so many function and lots of ups and downs. But a group suggestion always remained intact.  We all felt so contemptible about a collision of automobile series ‘3.’ We subsequently took a lead until we had some problems. When automobile series ‘1’ was using in front we were certain they’d make it. ‘It’s your spin to win a prize for Audi,’ we pronounced to them. When they got problems, Tom Kristensen pronounced to us, ’Now it’s your turn.’ There was a nice, certain atmosphere between both motorist squads throughout. ‘Thank you’ to a whole team, to a operative Leena (Gade) and to my associate drivers.”

Marc Gené (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “When we arrived during Le Mans we had feat in a LMP2 difficulty in a behind of my mind. But with all due respect: a lectern place in a LMP1 category is apparently a lot some-more overwhelming. Everything came as such a warn for me. And of march we also spent some suspicion on either my opening was right. But Tom (Kristensen), Lucas (di Grassi) and a whole group gave me good help. Even feat would have been probable for us. But I’m vivacious with this outcome as well.”

Lucas di Grassi (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “What a race! we can’t remember when we final gifted such an sparkling automobile competition – conjunction during Le Mans nor anywhere else. Our week with a collision of Loïc (Duval) got us off to a unequivocally bad start. The mechanics had to ready a totally new automobile so that a subordinate eventuality was usually a rollout for us. Then we clearly led a competition 3 hours before a finish and a tables unexpected incited again. Even yet we’re a bit saddened in a end: this is my second lectern in my second Le Mans race, Audi has won and everybody has been rewarded for their tough work.”

Tom Kristensen (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “This competition was simply implausible – and that goes for a whole squad. We arrived during Le Mans with a good car. Then we mislaid a automobile right during a commencement of a week and Loïc Duval retired. We had to change all a plans. Everybody was revelation us that a automobile would no longer be in row in a race. The guys prepared all again from blemish overnight. Then we started a competition with Marc Gené as a new team-mate. In a rain, it was a unequivocally violent beginning. Then we done adult belligerent until an injector had to be altered during night. This was followed by a puncture and subsequently we were heading a race. Our advantage was huge. We usually had to strech a finish yet afterwards we had a new problem. So we were behind in third place yet in a finish finished in second. We can be unapproachable of this. It was like in a angel story and they don’t always have ideal endings. For Audi, on a other hand, a outcome of a competition was perfect. This week, we’ve gifted a full operation of emotions. Unbelievable!”

Filipe Albuquerque (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3): “Marco (Bonanomi) gathering fantastically. That was a good foretaste of what would have been probable for a automobile today. I’m certain that we’d have been in row during a front by to a unequivocally end. It’s roughly tragic: one notation everything’s fine and in a subsequent it’s all over. When a sleet set in somebody strike Marco – he had no chance. This is how tough Le Mans can be.”

Marco Bonanomi (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3): “I feel impossibly sorry, generally for my dual team-mates and a whole squad. Everybody gave all for success for a whole year during a credentials – and now it was over for us so early. We had a intensity to bind a unequivocally good result. we had no possibility in a accident. we gathering solemnly in a complicated sleet in sequence to take no risk on slicks. The conditions with a Toyota incited out fine yet afterwards a Ferrari gathering into my automobile – that meant a finish of my competition and unfortunately also for a Audi.”

Oliver Jarvis (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #3): “I’m impossibly disappointed. Not usually for me but, many of all, for a whole squad. Many people usually see these days here during Le Mans – yet preparations that final scarcely a whole year are behind this event. I’m certain that currently we’d have had a possibility for feat too – that creates a retirement by no error of a possess an generally sour tablet following such a clever opening by Marco (Bonanomi).”

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