Raffaele De Rosa takes a lead in a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Four wins, a sum of 15 lectern finishes and a championship leads in BSB, IDM and a IRRC for a BMW S 1000 RR.

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Munich (DE), 4th May 2016. New standings and a new leader: Raffaele
De Rosa (IT) climbed to a tip of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.
He was one of a BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers who claimed no less
than 4 wins and a sum of 15 lectern finishes for a BMW S 1000 RR
final weekend – in a FIM Superstock 1000 Cup (STK1000), a British
Superbike Championship (BSB), a Superbike IDM / International German
Championship (IDM) and a International Road Racing Championship
(IRRC). The BMW racers where also in movement in a South African
SuperGP Champions Trophy (RSA SBK) and a Motoamerica AMA/FIM North
American Road Racing Series (AMA).



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.


Change during a tip of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. This week,
a standings are led by Raffaele de Rosa (IT), who distinguished another
lectern finish on his Althea BMW Racing Team BMW S 1000 RR during a Imola
(IT) turn of a FIM Superstock 1000 Cup (STK1000). De Rosa leads
with 125.25 Race Trophy points. Benjamin Colliaux (FR / FR EU) is now
second with 101.54 Race Trophy points. Third place is common by
Dominik Vincon (DE) and Stefan Kerschbaumer (AT), who competition together in
a Superstock category of a FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC
STK), with 100.95 points any (see full standings below).


So far, 103 BMW racers from all around a universe have purebred for
a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. They come from 21 different
countries and competition for 53 opposite teams in 23 opposite championship
classes. Registration for this year’s BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is open
until 30th Jun 2016. In 2016 a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy comprises
of a sum of 28 classes in 21 general and inhabitant championships.



FIM Superbike World Championship in Imola, Italy.


Jordi Torres (ES) claimed a best outcome of a deteriorate so distant for
a BMW S 1000 RR in a FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK).
At a fifth turn hold in Imola (IT), a Althea BMW Racing Team
supplement finished fourth in competition one. In a second race, Torres crossed
a line in seventh. His team-mate Markus Reiterberger (DE) set
considerable path times during use and qualifying, though struggled
with some issues in a races. He came home in 13th and 12th respectively.


While Imola was a home turn for a Althea BMW Racing Team,
British newcomers Milwaukee BMW initial had to get proficient with the
ancestral Italian circuit. Joshua Brookes (AU) was fastest in Sunday’s
warm-up and finished a dual races in 14th and 13th. His team-mate Karel
Abraham (CZ) was 16th in competition one though late after a tumble in competition two.



FIM Superstock 1000 Cup in Imola, Italy.


Imola (IT) also hosted a third competition of a 2016 FIM Superstock 1000
Cup. Raffaele De Rosa (IT) continued his strain of lectern finishes on
his Althea BMW S 1000 RR. After a third place during MotorLand Aragón (ES)
and his widespread win during Assen (NL), De Rosa claimed another third at
his home race. In a championship classification, De Rosa is second,
equal on points with personality Leandro Mercado (AR). Luca Vitali (IT /
Team 2R Racing) was sixth on his RR, while Matteo Ferrari (IT / DMR
Racing Team) also finished within a tip ten, channel a line in tenth.



British Superbike Championship during Oulton Park, Great Britain.


The second turn of a 2016 British Superbike Championship (BSB) was
hold on a inhabitant Bank Holiday this Monday during Oulton Park (GB) –
and a spectators witnessed dual some-more than stirring races in the
Superbike category (BSB SBK). On both occasions, a quarrel for a win
went down to a handle in wily churned conditions. The summary: one
feat and dual second places for a BMW S 1000 RR.


In competition one, Christian Iddon (GB) battled with former WorldSBK rider
Leon Haslam (GB) adult to a finish line. In a end, Tyco BMW rider
Iddon finished second, only 0.1 seconds behind Haslam. In competition two,
Iddon again was a protagonist. This time, he was intent in a
stirring duel with associate BMW supplement Richard Cooper (GB / Buildbase
BMW Motorrad). On a final lap, a lead altered twice between them.
It was afterwards Cooper who distinguished his initial ever BSB win, with an
advantage of 0.1 seconds. Iddon again claimed second on a lectern and
took a altogether lead in a championship classification.


Before winning competition two, Cooper had finished ninth in a initial heat.
Michael Laverty (GB) claimed sixth and fifth respectively on his Tyco
BMW S 1000 RR. Alastair Seeley (GB / Royal Air Force Regular
Reserve) was fifth in competition one though unsuccessful to finish competition two. Cooper’s
Buildbase BMW Motorrad team-mate Lee Jackson (GB) collected points in
both races, channel a line in 14th and 13th respectively. Points
also went to a dual Smiths Racing BMW riders: Howie Mainwaring Smart
(GB) and Jakub Smrz (CZ) finished a second competition in 11th and 15th respectively.


In a Superstock category (BSB STK) race, BMW riders assigned second to
fifth places. Taylor MacKenzie (GB / Buildbase BMW Motorrad) secured
second and set a fastest competition lap. With this result, MacKenzie
extended his championship lead. He was assimilated on a lectern by Ian
Hutchinson (GB / Tyco BMW) in third. Hudson Kennaugh (ZA / Trikmotot
Bahnstormer BMW) was fourth and Joshua Elliott came home fifth on the
other Tyco BMW S 1000 RR.



Superbike IDM / International German Championship at
Lausitzring, Germany.


The 2016 deteriorate in a Superbike IDM / International German
Championship (IDM) kicked off during a Lausitzring (DE). It was scarcely a
ideal weekend for BMW racer Mathieu Gines (FR / Van Zon-Remeha-BMW).
He was fastest in all use and subordinate sessions. Starting from
pole-position, Gines was second in competition one and took a win in race
two. In addition, he set a fastest competition path on both occasions. The
Frenchman left a Lausitzring as a altogether championship leader.


His team-mate Marco Nekvasil (AT) finished both races in eighth
altogether and third on a Superstock category (IDM STK) podium. Two more
riders competition for a Van Zon-Remeha-BMW team: Jan Bühn (DE) and
Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NL). Bühn was 11th on both occasions,
Bijsterbosch claimed 13th and 14th respectively. Dominik Vincon (DE /
BMW Stilgenbauer) also finished both races in a points with 14th and
13th places.



International Road Racing Championship in Hengelo, a Netherlands.


The International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) is a new addition
to a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The initial races of a 2016 season
were hold in Hengelo (NL) final weekend – with no reduction than 12 BMW S
1000 RR racers competing. They claimed 5 out of a 6 lectern places.


The male to kick was Vincent Lonbois (BE) on a Herpigny Motors BMW
Motorrad Belux RR. He distinguished a double win and set a fastest race
path on both occasions. This also done him a championship leader. In
competition one he was assimilated on a lectern by Didier Grams (DE / GG
Motorsport) in third. Lonbois’ team-mate Sébastien Le Grelle (BE) was
fourth. In competition dual a contingent claimed a one-two-three for a BMW S
1000 RR, with Lonbois winning, Le Grelle in second and Grams in third.



South African SuperGP Champions Trophy in Zwartkops, South Africa.


The third turn of a 2016 South African SuperGP Champions Trophy
(RSA SBK) was hold in Zwartkops (ZA) final weekend. In a clever field
of 25 competitors, 3 BMW racers claimed tip 10 finishes. Lance
Isaacs (ZA / Lance Isaacs Racing) was seventh and tenth respectively.
Daryn Upton (ZA / TSE/ RSA Racing Paroumont BMW) crossed a line in
tenth and eighth. Garrick Vlok (ZA) was ninth in competition one, though failed
to finish competition two. Points also went to Isaacs’ team-mate Justin
Gillesen (ZA) for 12th and 14th, to Hein McMohan (ZA / 14th and 13th)
and to Ricky Lee Weare (ZA), who was 15th in competition one.



Motoamerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series during New
Jersey Motorsports Park, USA.


The Superbike racers of a Motoamerica AMA/FIM North American Road
Racing Series (AMA) met during New Jersey Motorsports Park (US) last
weekend to competition their third turn of a 2016 season. Two BMW S
1000 RR riders were in action. Steve Rapp (US / Scheibe Racing) was
12th in competition one though crashed in competition two. Jeremy Cook (US / Dead
Presidents Racing) finished in 22nd and 21st respectively.



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Current Standings.


Status: 4th May 2016



16. David Bouvier (FR/FR EU/52.96), 17. Ian Hutchinson (GB/BSB
STK/52.00), 18. Michael Laverty (GB/BSB SBK/50.80), 19. Joshua Elliott
(GB/BSB STK/50.55), 20. Danilo Lewis (BR/BRSBK/50.00), 21. Mathieu
Gines (FR/IDM SBK/47.14), 22. Luca Vitali (IT/STK1000/45.50), 23.
Nicolas Grobler (ZA/RSA SBK/44.00), 24. Hudson Kennaugh (ZA/BSB
STK/43.27), 25. Maximilian Scheib (CI/CEV/43.00), 26. Madjid Idres
(FR/FR EU/42.46), 27. Joshua Brookes (AU/WorldSBK/39.80), 28. Bertrand
Boyer (FR/FR EU/39.38), 29. Richard Cooper (GB/BSB SBK/38.80), 30.
Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FR/FR EU/38.77), 31. Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
(FR/FR EU/36.31), 32. Michael Rutter (GB/BSB STK/36.00), 33. Pekka
Päivärinta/Kirsi Kainulainen (FI/SWC/35.36), 34. Santiago Barragán
(ES/CEV/32.89), 35. Manu Dagault (FR/FR EU/32.00), 36. Garrick Vlok
(ZA/RSA SBK/29.14), 37. Steve Rapp (US/AMA STK/28.80), 38. Jan Bühn
(DE/IDM STK/27.14), 39. Karel Abraham (CZ/WorldSBK/27.00), 40. Camille
Hedelin (FR/EWC SBK/26.26), 40. Clive Rambure (FR/EWC SBK/26.26), 40.
Nicolas Senechal (FR/EWC SBK/26.26), 43. Lee Jackson (GB/BSB
SBK/23.60), 44. Julien Brun (FR/FR EU/20.92), 45. Adrián Bonastre
(ES/CEV/19.00), 46. Justin Gillesen (ZA/RSA SBK/18.86), 46. Ronald
Slamet (ZA/RSA SBK/18.86), 48. Eric Vionnet (CH/STK1000/17.25), 49.
Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NL/IDM STK/17.14), 50. Matteo Ferrari
(IT/CIV/15.75), 51. Ricky Lee Weare (ZA/RSA SBK/14.57), 52. Janez
Prosenik (SI/EWC SBK/13.62), 53. Léon Benichou (FR/FR EU/13.54), 54.
Alastair Seeley (GB/BSB SBK/13.40), 55. Etienne Nelson (ZA/RSA
SBK/13.14), 55. Evert Stoffberg (ZA/RSA SBK/13.14), 57. Maxime Bonnot
(FR/FSBK SBK/12.92), 58. Pedro Rodriguez (ES/CEV/12.60), 59. David
Datzer (DE/IRRC/11.27), 60. Jeremy Cook (US/AMA STK/10.67), 61.
Matthieu Lussiana (FR/WorldSBK/9.20), 62. Federico D’Annunzio
(IT/STK1000/7.50), 63. Pierre Bezuidenhout (ZA/RSA SBK/6.57), 64.
Gauthier Duwelz (BE/STK1000/5.75), 64. Thomas Toffel
(CH/STK1000/5.75), 66. Howie Mainwaring Smart (GB/BSB SBK/5.60), 67.
Pascal Meslet (FR/FR/FR EU/4.92), 68. Roberto Blazquez (ES/CEV/4.60),
69. Jakub Smrz (CZ/BSB SBK/3.20), 70. Sam West (GB/BSB STK/2.91), 71.
John Krieger (ZA/RSA SBK/2.29), 71. Björn Stuppi (DE/IDM STK/2.29),
73. Eric Dagault (FR/FR EU/1.23), 74. Elwyn Steenkamp (ZA/RSA
SBK/1.14), 75. Michal Bidas (CZ/AARR STK/0.00), 75. Jacques Brits
(ZA/RSA SBK/0.00), 75. Colin Butler (CA/MSC SBK/0.00), 75. Dominic
Chang (SG/MSC STK/0.00), 75. Daniel Cooper (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 75.
Stefan Dolipski (DE/AMA STK/0.00), 75. Michael Dunlop (GB/BMW
RRC/0.00), 75. Ryan Farquhar (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 75. Michal Fojtik
(CZ/AARR STK/0.00), 75. Dominic Herbertson (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 75.
Sabine Holbrook (DE/AARR SBK/0.00), 75. Davo Johnson (AU/BSB
STK/0.00), 75. Lee Johnston (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 75. Nasarudin Mat Yusop
(MY/MSC STK/0.00), 75. Valter Patronen (FI/CEV/0.00), 75. Dominique
Platet (FR/EWC SBK/0.00), 75. Michal Prášek (CZ/AARR STK/0.00), 75.
Heinrich Rheeder (ZA/RSA SBK/0.00), 75. Mike Roscher/Anna Burkard
(DE/SWC/0.00), 75. Joan Sardanyons (ES/CEV/0.00), 75. Denni Schiavoni
(IT/CIV/0.00), 75. Michal Šembera (CZ/AARR SBK/0.00), 75. Paul
Shoesmith (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 75. Rene Skalicky (CZ/AARR STK/0.00), 75.
Tomas Svitok (SK/AARR STK/0.00), 75. Jordan Szoke (CA/CSBK/0.00), 75.
Martin Tritscher (AT/AARR STK/0.00), 75. Jacques outpost Wyngaardt
(ZA/RSASBK/0.00), 75. Ben Young (GB/CSBK/0.00)



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