Rallycross: churned feelings during EKS Audi Sport in Belgium

Posted on 15. May, 2018 by in Audi Canada

“Mettet was not smashing though flattering good. we took 23 critical points home, usually Sébastien Loeb scored some-more points here. We’re happy with a gait on lane though need to urge a starts before a subsequent competition during Silverstone,” pronounced Mattias Ekström summarizing a competition in Belgium.

The Audi drivers gifted ups and downs as early as in a 4 subordinate races. In feverishness one, Mattias Ekström mislaid time in a collision with Sébastien Loeb. Afterwards, he fought back, winning Q2 and Q4 and securing altogether feat in subordinate brazen of Sébastien Loeb in a Peugeot. In a initial semi-final, Ekström, following a satisfactory to intermediate start, finished adult in a turmoil though in third position done it into a final. There he started from a final row, done adult one position and finished a competition in fourth place. “Driving a Audi S1 EKS RX quattro was extensive fun,” pronounced Ekström. “Now I’m looking brazen to Silverstone where we devise to quarrel behind in a conflict for a podium.”

Following formidable subordinate sessions, his teammate, Andreas Bakkerud, prisoner a place in a semi-finals as well. Due to jump-starting, a Norwegian had to expostulate a Joker Lap twice though benefited from duels between rivals and with a clever quarrel in second position cumulative a place in a final of a 6 tip drivers that he finished in final position. “This was one of a toughest competition weekends in my career. we wasn’t means to broach a form of performances I’d been formulation on. But I’m unapproachable of my fighting suggestion and will to persevere,” pronounced Bakkerud. “In a end, we went for pennyless once more, though in a turmoil in spin one was somewhat bumped and subsequently overwhelmed a tire wall. Now I’m looking brazen to a entrance races in a United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden that are some of my favorite events.”

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