Rallycross: lectern for EKS Audi Sport in deteriorate opener

Posted on 16. Apr, 2018 by in Audi Canada

“EKS Audi Sport good upheld me this weekend,” pronounced Bakkerud following his 50th competition in a World RX. “I really most enjoyed a team-work even nonetheless we wasn’t means to entirely feat my intensity nonetheless during Barcelona. I’ve really got a lot more. I’m happy about position 3 but, obviously, there’s a sour ambience remaining since Mattias (Ekström) was subsequently nude of his victory. This doesn’t change anything about a clever opening delivered by EKS Audi Sport that brought both cars into a final.”

In front of 30,000 spectators, Ekström in a racing entrance of a second-generation Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, had crossed a finish line in a illusory final in initial place violence pretension defender Johan Kristoffersson in a Volkswagen by a slight margin. Yet a Swede was deprived of his third uninterrupted feat during a Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after 2016 and 2017. In a evening, Ekström was relegated from initial to sixth position since he allegedly bumped Petter Solberg’s Volkswagen off lane on a approach to Turn 1.

“I don’t share this opinion, though honour a preference by a stewards of a meeting,” pronounced Ekström. “I’m quite contemptible for a group that worked tough and good in winter. In a final, we had 4 uninformed tires that done a difference. On a whole, a weekend was really exciting. In sleet on Saturday, we were using well, usually a starts weren’t fantastic. In dry conditions on Sunday, we were primarily struggling a small with a starts too, though in a semi-finals and a final they worked well. That kept a possibility for feat alive.”

The dual competition days in Spain could frequency have been any some-more diverse: pouring sleet and sand on Saturday were followed by a shining blue sky and fever on Sunday.

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