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2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Lunar Rock Ice Edge Roof


  • ‘Adventure Refinement’
  • Iconic Toyota Off-Road Influence
  • The Power of Octagons
  • Riding Tall in a Saddle
  • The Colour of Fun

TORONTO, ON – Nov 20, 2018 – The 2019 Toyota RAV4 looks zero like a predecessors, and that is quite by design. The all-new, fifth-generation indication brings behind a some-more dedicated SUV appearance, a thoughtfulness of both a extended capability and of patron desires. People buy SUVs for romantic reasons, not usually unsentimental reasons.

Toyota total a compress crossover SUV shred with a strange RAV4 some-more than dual decades ago. An all-new form of vehicle, a RAV4 total SUV capabilities with newcomer automobile ride, doing and fuel economy traits. It was a winning formula, streamer to bomb marketplace growth.

In new years, automakers smoothed out compress SUV design, adopting some-more newcomer car-like traits. Toyota, a shred personality with 50,894 RAV4 sales in Canada in 2017, saw a need to mangle a mold it had cast. Considering that RAV4 is a brand’s best-selling automobile in Canada, this was no tiny feat.

“At a really commencement of a pattern process, we reviewed RAV4’s graphic product value and deliberate how best to develop a strange judgment of ‘an off-road automobile built for civic environments that’s a pleasure to expostulate and demeanour at,’ says RAV4 Chief Engineer Yoshikazu Saeki. “We came to conclude ‘Adventure Refinement’ as a pattern judgment for a fifth generation.”

Adventure is a idea of being means to expostulate anywhere we want. Refinement means a worldly pattern that fits in civic situations.

“Just looking during a new RAV4 ignites a titillate to get in and go somewhere,” says Saeki.

He explains that while Toyota directed a new RAV4 during immature couples, singles or those usually starting a family, Saeki also acknowledges that there’s a RAV4 for everyone!

New Look, Familiar Face

At initial glance, a 2019 Toyota RAV4 looks radically opposite than a predecessors, and nonetheless there is also discerning laxity when noticed from a front. The grille shape, for example, takes some impulse from tough Toyota off-road pickups.

It’s a demeanour that connotes strength and capability, though for RAV4, this was no small adaptation. Designers total an wholly new theme, formed on everyone’s favorite high propagandize subject, geometry. The outcome is a clearly forged look, with confidant physique sculpting to emanate a “go anywhere” stance.

The sculpted, three-dimensional thesis is a thespian spin divided from soft, curvy SUV shapes. It’s meant to pull a clever romantic response and a feeling of adventure. That journey could be streamer off on a weekend of hiking or kayaking, or usually personification traveller in your possess city. 

It’s about a feeling of journey as many as it is about a experience. Think about it: this is not many opposite from a romantic response to a sports automobile design, that is meant to elicit pushing thrills even when parked.


Those who indeed enjoyed geometry in high propagandize will conclude how a new RAV4 pattern came together. It was, in a word, octagons. Two octagons join during a 90-degree angle to emanate a far-reaching front position and a demeanour of extended application in a rear. (Utility is indeed enhanced, so it’s no illusion.) Each physique row has a sophisticated, chiseled coming that combines athleticism and charisma.

The front octagon figure flows by confidant clarity lines from a doors to a buffer corners, creation a absolute and tough impression. Meanwhile, a two-tiered trapezoidal grille enhances a muscular, forward-leaning body, emphasizing a far-reaching and fast stance.

Long, slight headlamps, framed by a polygonal motif, communicate a feeling of clarity of extended width, while line-illumination adds to a sharpness of a front. All gas RAV4 models come customary with Bi-LED parabola headlamps and daytime using lamps. Exclusive to RAV4 HV models, projector-beam LED headlamps with signature LED daytime using lights (on XLE and above) furnish a some-more reward light source.

The octagonal conformation of a back physique mirrors that of a front. Also similar, a trapezoidal figure radiates from a permit picture ornament and flows opposite a back multiple lamps and by a buffer and tires towards a front. This “cross octagon” displaying creates an iconic motif, substantiating a participation that stands out, excites, and invites.

The outcome is a pattern that emphasizes SUV clarity while looking zero like a boxy, practical shapes of past SUVs.

Lift Off

A vicious component to a new RAV4 pattern is a “lifted up” look. While indeed obscure automobile tallness by a fraction, a designers have total a feeling of roving higher. That, too, is no illusion. Road clearway has indeed been increasing by a small over a half-inch.

The lifted-up demeanour is emphasized by a black reduce physique that flows from a side and runs adult towards a rear. With their polygonal motifs, a circle arches seem to reason a tires from a high position, emphasizing a lifted-up physique and sketch courtesy to a vehicle’s capability. This thesis is seen many prominently on a Trail and Limited grades, with their 19-inch wheels and a Trail grade’s vast black over-fenders. At a rear, a protecting tools and scarf are organised to furnish a transparent coming and clarity of stability.

In line with a “Cross Octagon” theme, polygonal shapes are seen around a interior, expressing a clarity of togetherness with a exterior.

Aerodynamics: Form with Function

RAV4 is not all about form; there is extended duty in a aerodynamics, including a slight rebate in automobile height. The bony back multiple flare pattern not usually suggests stability, it contributes to fortitude around aero stabilizing fins on a outdoor lenses. The new figure of a extraneous doorway handles also assistance out in that regard. At a back of a roof, a vast spoiler and side fins minister to aerodynamic performance.

Aerodynamic enhancements are during work even where one can’t straightforwardly see: a full underneath cover for extended aerodynamic performance, for example.

Colour Me Adventurous

The 2019 RAV4 pattern uses colour to hint emotions. To intensify a imperishable persona, a Trail class can be systematic with an Ice Edge-coloured roof that is interconnected with one of 3 extraneous colours: Midnight Black Metallic and Blue Flame are both new for RAV4; Lunar Rock is new to a Toyota lineup and creates a initial coming on RAV4. Lunar Rock conveys sophistication and strength, evoking off-road imagery, and a two-tone arrangement takes impulse from Toyota’s FJ-40 Land Cruiser and some-more new FJ Cruiser off-road icons.

The RAV4 XSE HV’s demeanour is unique, too, with piano-black accents opposite a front end, counterpart caps, buffer arches, and reduce rockers to communicate a polished civic image. The Limited gas class connotes sporty magnificence with china trim, singular gray metallic-coloured grille, 19-inch amalgamate wheels and chrome accents.

RAV4’s accessible full-body extraneous colours:

  • Super White
  • Blizzard Pearl*
  • Silver Sky Metallic
  • Magnetic Grey Metallic
  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Ruby Flare Pearl*
  • Blueprint

* Extra-cost colour

Two-tone options accessible on RAV4 Trail class only:

  • Lunar Rock with Ice Edge Roof
  • Midnight Black Metallic with Ice Edge Roof
  • Blue Flame with Ice Ed
  • Magnetic Grey Metallic with Ice-Edge Roof

Two-tone options accessible on RAV4 XSE HV only:

  • Blizzard Pearl with Midnight Black Metallic Roof
  • Silver Sky Metallic with Midnight Black Metallic Roof
  • Magnetic Grey Metallic with Midnight Black Metallic Roof
  • Blueprint with Midnight Black Metallic Roof

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