Reactions to a 1st competition of a 2016 DTM season.

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Hockenheim (DE), 7th May 2016. Bruno Spengler (CA), António Félix da
Costa (PT) and Maxime Martin (BE) finished in a points in the
opening competition of a DTM deteriorate in Hockenheim (DE). They came home
sixth, seventh and eighth during a finish of a tough competition with many
collisions. Marco Wittmann (DE), Tom Blomqvist (GB) and Augusto Farfus
(BR) fell behind by a margin following strike with opposition cars.
Timo Glock was forced to retire after crashing out by no error of
his own. Victory went to Edoardo Mortara (IT, Audi).

Read here what BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, a 4 Team
Principals and a 8 BMW DTM drivers had to contend after a race.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “That was a
unequivocally tough race, with an eventful opening 3 laps. Compliments to
my guys, who fought hard. Bruno Spengler, António Félix da Costa and
Maxime Martin still managed to finish in a points notwithstanding having
shop-worn cars. Given a circumstances, they did as good as possible. I
feel unequivocally contemptible for Marco Wittmann, whose vehicle was shop-worn in a
collision. He was unequivocally good positioned in a competition and could possibly
even have been looking during a place on a podium. Generally speaking,
there were an awful lot of collisions, and a drivers suffered as a
result. we wish tomorrow’s competition is a bit calmer.”

Ernest Knoors (Team Principal BMW Team MTEK): “I saw
a good competition from both drivers, though would have favourite to have seen
Augusto though a shop-worn car. He had a glorious start, though afterwards came
a pile-up with Ocon. After that it was apparently tough for him. Bruno
showed what a vehicle is means of. To finish sixth from his starting
position was an considerable performance. The group worked well, the
engineers did a good job, and both drivers got a many out of the
conditions – we can't ask for some-more than that.”

Charly Lamm (Team Principal BMW Team Schnitzer):
“After subordinate towards a behind of a grid, we could never have
dreamed of scoring points here. It was a unequivocally good competition from
António, who fought hard, showed considerable competition pace, and was
hence means to stand by a field. Martin had an excellent
start, as usual, and was also on march for a points finish after
starting from a back. Unfortunately, his vehicle was shop-worn when it all
got a bit parsimonious with Ekström and Paffett in a hairpin. From that
impulse on, all he could do was get a vehicle by to a finish.
Under these circumstances, twelfth place is okay. Both produced
superb performances in an eventful race. They waited for their
opportunities and afterwards took them.”

Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM): “A very
eventful race. You didn’t know where to demeanour during a start. My guys did
unequivocally well. Unfortunately, Tom was unlucky. He had worked his way
by a margin well, though afterwards was hit. Maxime’s competition was awesome.
Starting from where he did on a grid, to measure 4 points and
finish as a third best-placed BMW is a good outcome for us. The car
is utterly badly shop-worn and we have a lot of work to do. Maxime not
usually gathering quickly, though also brought a vehicle home notwithstanding all the
damage. Tomorrow is a new day and we will try to improve.”

Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):
“Unfortunately that was not BMW Team RMG’s race. We had finished a good
pursuit in qualifying. Timo did good in a initial subordinate together,
and Marco showed once again given he is a past champion. As such, we
went into a competition with high hopes. We wanted to swell by the
field. Unfortunately, however, a approach some of a drivers gathering put
paid to that.”

Bruno Spengler (BMW Team MTEK, 6th place): “I am very
happy to have done adult so many places and scored profitable points after
starting from 13th on a grid. Unfortunately, a left back of my car
was shop-worn in a collision with Mike Rockenfeller, and we was incompetent to
compare a gait of a front-runners. We contingency now demeanour during where we can
urge tomorrow, as we would substantially have been lacking a bit of
speed even though a repairs to a car.”

António Félix da Costa (BMW Team Schnitzer, 7th place):
“After a formidable subordinate and a unequivocally bad initial path – I
was forced off a lane in spin dual – a competition went well. We had a
unequivocally clever car. We were not usually means to benefit positions, though could
lift transparent and set a sights on a subsequent vehicle adult a lane after
overtaking. We finished in a points, so we am unequivocally happy with a race.”

Maxime Martin (BMW Team RBM, 8th place): “It was a
good race. Starting from P21 and to finish in eighth is great. We
scored some points that is important. It is a tiny feat because
when we start from that distant behind we routinely have no possibility of
scoring points. Now we have to concentration on tomorrow and try to be more
rival then.”

Martin Tomczyk (BMW Team Schnitzer, 12th place): “I
had an overwhelming start and dual good opening laps. we found myself right
adult in eighth place, usually behind Bruno. we afterwards got concerned in the
conflict between Ekström and Paffett. It was a very, unequivocally good quarrel –
though also unequivocally tough. There were vehicle tools drifting everywhere.
Unfortunately, they enclosed a unequivocally critical partial of my car. That
influenced a aerodynamics, and we was no longer means to compare their
pace. On a whole, a vehicle was marvellous currently – and though the
repairs we would have finished somewhere around António and Bruno, if
not even better. As such, we would contend that it was a tough DTM race,
unfortunately with a wrong outcome, though unequivocally with an upwards trend.”

Tom Blomqvist (BMW Team RBM, 13th place): “I have to
acknowledge that subordinate was flattering disappointing. In a initial run it
was formidable to find a path though a second run was okay, usually I
finished adult in trade and could not do anything. The start of a race
was good though afterwards we got spun in a final corner. we mislaid belligerent and had
a lot repairs on a car. From afterwards on we could not unequivocally do much. It
was a shame, given afterwards it was usually about finishing a race.”

Augusto Farfus (BMW Team MTEK, 14th place): “In
subordinate we did not get a ideal lap. Then in a race, after a
purify start, we done adult positions – until we was strike in spin six. That
meant a competition was over for me. My vehicle was shop-worn and we could not do
much. It is a contrition as we saw that points would have been probable today.”

Marco Wittmann (BMW Team RMG, 16th place): “The
outcome is unequivocally disappointing. we had an glorious start and was very
well-placed early on. we am certain that we could have been looking during a
top-five result. Unfortunately, Christian Vietoris strike me during a
three-way conflict and shop-worn my vehicle so badly that we no longer had any
possibility of relating a gait of a others.”

Timo Glock (BMW Team RMG, DNF): “It was a genuine shame,
as we had a unequivocally good start though afterwards we was strike tough in spin two. It all
went haywire after that. When we pulled into a Motodrom, Juncadella
spun behind me and strike me. That put us out of a race. It was a
catastrophe, for a whole team, as Marco’s vehicle was also badly
damaged. It was not an ideal start, that is a shame, as we had a good
car. We contingency now make certain we feat a intensity tomorrow.”


DTM standings.

Drivers’ Championship.

  1. Edoardo Mortara (25 points), 2. Robert Wickens (18), 3. Nico
    Müller (15), 4. Paul di Resta (12), 5. Christian Vietoris (10), 6.
    Bruno Spengler (8), 7. António Félix da Costa (6), 8. Maxime Martin
    (4), 9. Mattias Ekström (2), 10. Miguel Molina (1), 11. Gary Paffett
    (0), 12. Martin Tomczyk (0), 13. Tom Blomqvist (0), 14. Augusto
    Farfus (0), 15. Jamie Green (0), 16. Marco Wittmann (0), 17. Lucas
    Auer (0), 18. Adrien Tambay (0), 18. Daniel Juncadella (0), 18. Timo
    Scheider (0), 18. Maximilian Götz (0), 18. Mike Rockenfeller (0),
    18. Esteban Ocon (0), 18. Timo Glock (0).


Team Championship.

  1. Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline (27), 2. SILBERPFEIL Energy/UBFS
    deposit Mercedes-AMG (18), 3. Audi Sport Team Abt (16), 4.
    Mercedes-AMG (12), 5. BWT Mercedes-AMG (10), 6. BMW Team MTEK (8),
    7. BMW Team Schnitzer (6), 8. BMW Team RBM (4), 9. BMW Team RMG (0),
    9. Audi Sport Team Rosberg (0).


Manufacturers’ Championship.

  1. Audi (43 points), 2. Mercedes-Benz (40), 3. BMW (18).


Statistics for a BMW DTM drivers.




2016 competition calendar.

May – Hockenheim (DE), 20th -22nd May – Spielberg
(AT), 3rd -5th Jun – Lausitzring (DE), 24th -26th Jun – Norisring
(DE), 15th -17th Jul – Zandvoort (NL), 19th -21st Aug – Moscow
(RU), 9th -11th Sep – Nürburgring (DE), 23rd -25th Sep –
Budapest (HU), 14th -16th Oct – Hockenheim (DE).

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About a DTM.

The DTM is a many renouned furloughed vehicle array in a world.
The array pits a 3 reward vehicle manufacturers BMW, Audi
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fielded a initial works teams from 1984 to 1992, during that time it
claimed 49 competition victories and won a Drivers’ Championship on three
occasions (1984, 1987 and 1989). The manufacturer returned to a DTM
in 2012, given when it has won 7 of a probable twelve titles. 18
races, widespread over 9 weekends, are scheduled for 2016. ARD
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