Ready for Season 5: BMW iFE.18 and BMW i Andretti Motorsport group launched in Munich.

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Munich. The theatre is set for a automobile and a organisation that BMW
will enter in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship as of Season 5. On
Friday, BMW i Motorsport presented a new BMW iFE.18 and a new
BMW i Andretti Motorsport organisation during BMW Welt’s double cone in Munich
(GER). The all-electric racing automobile impresses with a fascinating
design, given a showpiece of a BMW iFE.18 – a innovative
drivetrain – is dim low inside. The drivetrain was developed
regulating a imagination of a same engineers that designed that of the
BMW i3. BMW i and BMW Motorsport are operative on a Formula E
plan in tandem, thereby facilitating a record transfer
between array growth and motorsport rare in this
form. The dual BMW iFE.18 cars, that will be in movement for BMW i
Andretti Motorsport in a Formula E races around a universe as of
December, will have a BMW works drivers António Félix da Costa
(POR) and Alexander Sims (GBR) during a wheel.

“Formula E is not customarily an innovative and fantastic competition series
that has determined itself as one of a tip competition array in a world
with a totally new proceed to sustainability and events within usually a
few years,” pronounced Klaus Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management of
BMW AG, Development and Motorsport, who non-stop a BMW iFE.18 launch
in front of media representatives, partners and other guest from
around a world. “For BMW, it is also a ideal exam lab for
prolongation development. The record send between motorsport and
array prolongation is intense. Our trust from array production
advantages a drivetrain of a competition car. At a same time, insights
from Formula E upsurge directly into a growth of destiny series
prolongation drivetrains. So, we am looking brazen to a good racing season.”

Pieter Nota, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales
and Brand BMW, explained a stress of a Formula E involvement
for a BMW code and said: “BMW stands for creation leadership. We
are pioneers when it comes to electromobility. We were assured by
Formula E from a unequivocally commencement and as ‘Official Vehicle Partner’
we’ve been concerned from a start, in to method actively assistance shape
a series. BMW i and Formula E share a same values: pioneering
suggestion and innovation.”

For full energy in Formula E: a BMW i drivetrain.

In a BMW iFE.18, a pioneering spirit, creation and
technological imagination of BMW Motorsport and BMW i come together.
Making use of a trust and trust of a BMW i engineers from
array prolongation resulted in a drivetrain of a new Formula E car.
In part, a same prolongation plants are used as for a BMW i3. The
partnership between a motorsport and array prolongation department
works as an fit cycle. The commentary from Formula E upsurge directly
behind into a growth of destiny array prolongation drivetrains of
stirring BMW i models.

“BMW’s imagination in a BMW iFE.18 is essentially in a heart of
a vehicle, a drivetrain,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt. “We told a prolongation engineers conceptualizing a electric
engine and inverter: ‘Forget about all a considerations we would
customarily have in development, and usually consider about performance, the
biggest efficiency, a lowest weight. When we’ve reached that point,
we can consider about how to confederate that into array prolongation later
on.’ Our BMW Motorsport engineers designed a rear-axle including
cessation and had to integrate a drivetrain in a behind finish of the
competition car. The trust we benefit in this rarely rival environment
afterwards flows true behind into prolongation development. This is the
ideal doing of a motto: from a racetrack to a road.”

A singular viewpoint for racing in a streets.

The pattern of a BMW iFE.18 is tangible by a civic context of
Formula E. “Formula E races are hold on parsimonious circuits in city
centres, and we recognized that spectators typically see a cars from
positions that are aloft and closer to a lane than many other
forms of racing” pronounced Michael Scully, Head of Design BMW Motorsport.
“We’ve embraced that singular constellation, and a tip perspective of a car
is where we started: it sets a altogether schematic for a clothing of
a BMW iFE.18.”

The iconic blue and white buliding of a BMW trademark are a basis
for a confidant scale composition; structuring any pivotal perspective of a BMW
iFE.18.  The swapping method of resisting colours and shapes
yield limit prominence during racing speeds and make a BMW iFE.18
certainly a BMW.  The adventurous asymmetrical blueprint also shares the
functionally-derived non-reflective matte black cockpit component seen
on 2018 BMW M Motorsport liveries.
A colour slope from
light blue during a front of a automobile to dim blue during a behind conveys
suit and transition: both applicable themes in a context of
E-mobility.  Imbedded within a clothing is a junction graphic
network of blue and purple “veins” carrying a healthy colours of raw
electricity via a BMW iFE.18.  Occasional purple “synapses”
generate during network intersections and grow in array within proximity
of a BMW i drivetrain. On a BMW iFE.18, no dual perspectives are
a same, literally.

Experienced team, gifted drivers.

The dual BMW iFE.18 cars will be fielded by BMW i Andretti
Motorsport with organisation principal Roger Griffiths (GBR) during a helm.
Griffiths, and a Andretti Autosport team, owned by Michael Andretti
(USA), move a resources of Formula E trust with them. The American
organisation has contested each competition in a array given 2014. “I can’t wait
to see BMW i Andretti Motorsport strike a competition lane in Season 5. I
trust we have a right partners, drivers and crew in place to
contest during a unequivocally tip turn of Formula E,” pronounced Andretti Autosport
CEO Michael Andretti. “Everyone on both sides have been dedicated to
a growth of a new BMW iFE.18 and we demeanour brazen to saying it
in action. We are entering not customarily a new epoch of Formula E, though of
motorsport as a whole.”

António Félix da Costa has also been in movement in Formula E
given Season 1, and will be pushing a #28 BMW iFE.18 in the
stirring season. “I know Formula E unequivocally good and was always
assured that BMW would enter as a manufacturer one day. Now, to be
partial of this organisation is an implausible motivator,” pronounced Félix da Costa.

Alexander Sims in a #27 automobile will be competing alongside him.
Sims, like Félix da Costa, has been demonstrating his exceptional
flexibility as a BMW works motorist for many years, and has celebrated
large successes in BMW competition cars. “Formula E has fast become
a place for tip manufacturers and tip drivers to meet. we am honoured
to be entrusted with holding on this journey in partnership with
BMW i Motorsport,” pronounced Sims.

Side-by-side with clever partners.

Another critical partial of BMW i Andretti Motorsport is the
partners ancillary a project. The Primary Partner of BMW i
Motorsport is Magna. The tellurian automotive retailer for future
technologies has a long-lasting partnership with BMW. Magna will use
a Formula E height as a matter for researching innovative
solutions for a mobility landscape. Julius Baer, a initial member
of Formula E, has been partial of a BMW i Motorsport family from the
unequivocally beginning. The Swiss private banking organisation will extends its
attribute with BMW by fasten a organisation as Founding Main Pa   
rtner. The new Main Partner of a organisation is Einhell, manufacturer of
innovative and tolerable energy collection and garden appliances. Harman
Kardon, a long-time BMW partner for reward audio solutions, will
continue a attribute with BMW i Motorsport as Official Partner.
PUMA is a Official Supplier.

Virtual launch of a BMW iFE.18.

Racing fans around a universe were means to follow a unveiling
of a new Formula E automobile live on BMW Motorsport’s amicable media
channels. Part of a theatre programme was a 2.8-second launch video –
that is accurately a time that it takes a BMW iFE.18 to go from 0 to
100 km/h. While a brief chronicle of a shave fascinates with its
impassioned speed, a full summary customarily unfolds in a further, greatly
slowed down version.

The BMW iFE.18 contests a initial competition around a universe in the
dusk hours. On Friday from 19:30 CEST, visitors to BMW Welt can
take a design of a new automobile and Sims and Félix da Costa will be on
site to pointer autographs. Introduced by a fascinating light and laser
uncover on a potion front of BMW Welt, a BMW iFE.18 will set off on
a practical debate of a streets of Munich during 22:00 CEST, regulating motion
mapping technology.

In a entrance weeks, this fantastic uncover will also attract
courtesy from people in Oslo (NOR, 17/9), London (GBR, 20/9), New
York (USA, 24/9), Detroit (USA, 26/9), Mexico City (MEX, 29/9) and
Hong Kong (CHN, 4/10). The initial genuine competition for a BMW iFE.18 and BMW
i Andretti Motorsport is scheduled for 15th Dec 2018 in Ad
Diriyah (KSA).

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