Reiterberger: “I am some-more than happy with this season.”

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Munich. The initial leader of a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy in
a entrance year in 2014 was Markus Reiterberger. And this deteriorate the
immature German steady this success, and in doing so clinched another
first. Reiterberger was a initial ever Race Trophy member to
collect adult a limit of 500 points. This saw him crowned a best BMW
Motorrad highwayman in a universe once again in 2017. This time, the
23-year-old was widespread in a margin of a sum of 159 Race Trophy
participants from 26 opposite nations.


Reiterberger started a 2017 deteriorate in a MOTUL FIM Superbike World
Championship (WorldSBK), in that he has been a unchanging supplement since
2016. But he didn’t have a start to a deteriorate he had hoped for in
a chosen class. So Reiterberger done a decision: He quit a world
championship to join his prior Van Zon-Remeha-BMW Superbike team
and competition a German International Motorcycle Championship (IDM)
instead. In group principal Werner Daemen’s patrol he found his former
strength, dominated a deteriorate and clinched his third IDM championship
pretension with 4 races to go.


And he enjoyed other successes: At a competition weekend during the
Lausitzring (GER) he returned to a universe championship with a
wildcard and finished in ninth place. In a FIM Endurance World
Championship (EWC) he finished in second place on a lectern during the
mythological 24-hour competition Bol d’Or in France, in movement for BMW Motorrad He also done a guest coming in a FIM Superstock 1000
European Championship (STK1000) during a deteriorate culmination in Jerez (ESP) –
and dominated with stick position, a new path record and competition victory.
Next deteriorate Reiterberger will competition a STK1000 as a unchanging starter
for Van Zon-Remeha-BMW.


In an interview, a immature German talks about his second BMW Motorrad
Race Trophy win, his 2017 deteriorate and his goals for subsequent year.



Markus, congratulations. In a entrance year in 2014 we won the
BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, and now you’ve won it again – this time
with a limit array of points possible. What does this meant to you?


Markus Reiterberger: “It means a good understanding to me. It was fantastic
to be a initial Race Trophy leader in 2014. I’m over a moon that now
we am a initial to get a limit array of points. At a start of
a deteriorate we didn’t consider things would go so well. we am some-more than
satisfied. As each year, it was good to be during a awards ceremony.
This time we were given a debate of a BMW Motorrad bureau in Berlin.
It was unequivocally engaging to see how a array vehicles and a new
HP4 Race are manufactured. It was also good to accommodate adult with a other
BMW racers from around a universe again. we wish that we will be means to
attend again subsequent year.”


The deteriorate didn’t get off to an ideal start for you, afterwards you
motionless to lapse to a IDM. With hindsight, did this infer to be
a right decision?


Reiterberger: “It was a unequivocally formidable time. Naturally, it is every
racer’s dream to competition a universe championship. It took me a long
time to get there. It wasn’t easy to afterwards risk holding a step back. But
now it’s satisfactory to contend that it was a usually genuine solution. We won the
championship pretension in a IDM, finished on a lectern in second place
in a universe continuation championship, finished in a tip 10 in a World
Superbike Championship competition and won on a guest coming in a FIM
Superstock 1000 European Championship- The deteriorate unequivocally incited out
positive. we am as good as before, if not better, and we wish that we
will get a event to competition during a aloft level.”


Your sign is “Only teamwork creates a dream work”. How is
that reflected in your team?


Reiterberger: “Yes, we had this sign printed on my array wall in
spring. we had always appreciated what we had with Werner Daemen’s team,
though it usually unequivocally became transparent to me this season. It is not usually the
team, though everybody around me that has helped me. The team, sponsors,
family, friends – everybody upheld me. Which is how together we made
it behind to where we belong.”


Next deteriorate we will competition a FIM Superstock 1000 European
Championship. What is your objective?


Reiterberger: “After a illusory guest coming in Jerez this
autumn, naturally a aim is to be adult there during a front and battling
for a title. We competence even have a event to competition a world
championship with a wildcard again. And we will give it a all with
a wish of being promoted to a universe championship in 2019.”


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