René Rast: “The success drives us as a team”

Posted on 21. Jun, 2017 by in Audi Canada

Mr Rast, how does it feel to be a stream personality in a drivers’ standings?
René Rast: “It’s apparently a good feeling, no question. we unequivocally did not design it. Even a suspicion of it was still so distant divided for me. Then in a TV talk we was told that we was now heading a championship. Meanwhile it has started to penetrate in some-more and more, and of march it feels unequivocally good.”

Last weekend in Budapest we distinguished your initial DTM feat already. Does this coax we on some-more or do we feel a vigour that comes with this success?
“It drives us some-more as a team. Whether it’s starting on a initial quarrel on a grid in Hockenheim or a lectern during a Lausitzring. The some-more success we have, a some-more encouraged we become. This has given us all nonetheless another boost. In Budapest, we had already driven a few laps for tire contrast and therefore knew a track. When we was afterwards tighten to all of my code colleagues in a initial giveaway use session, we knew that it could unequivocally go well. But we hadn’t even suspicion about feat by that point.”

Will we change anything about your credentials for this competition weekend? Will we now work even some-more meticulously?
“At a moment, we don’t have any reason to change a approach we’ve been doing things. Because so distant it has worked out good during all of a competition weekends. So as distant as I’m endangered it can go on a same.”

Both in subordinate and in a prior races, we are always among a drivers with a fastest path times. The setup seems to be all good – is it now only down to excellent tuning?
“Preparing a setup for a arriving events stays a vital challenge. We couldn’t bottom it on prior successful events, though rather we have to totally privately ready for any race. In Budapest, we had tuned a automobile especially with a lot of downforce, while a subsequent DTM eventuality during a Norisring will need small downforce. Every circuit requires a possess setup. Fortunately, my group is means to be really good prepared before we get to a competition track. At a final 3 competition weekends, we as a group have always found a good setup, though this is still never a given.”

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