Rethinking micro-mobility – The BMW Group Personal Mover Concept. Electric, safe, flexible – for brief distances opposite sites.

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Munich. The BMW Group’s corporate plan NUMBER ONE
NEXT defines a categorical destiny areas of activity (ACES) for the
iconic change ahead. With a swell done in these pivotal areas and
innovative mobility concepts, a association is consolidating a leading
purpose in a mutation towards sustainable, particular and
digitalised mobility. A holistic proceed to mobility is called for,
with growth of tailor-made, radical and innovative
solutions for special areas of application. Research projects like BMW
Motorrad X2City or a BMW Vision E³ Way towering highway judgment show
how mobility is constantly changing and evolving. New approaches are
needed: With this in mind, a Personal Mover Concept was combined – an
electric one-person means of float for covering brief distances
within an handling site.


The charge was clear: Employees during BMW Group plants and logistics
centres infrequently cover adult to 12 kilometres per day on feet – and
carrying to lift tiny tools and work materials mostly creates it even
harder. Sites such as a BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre in
Munich or a BMW Group plants in Dingolfing and Spartanburg are
sprawling campuses, where many employees have to cover outrageous distances
to do their jobs.

Experts from a BMW Group Research and Technology House in Garching
took adult this challenge, together with a staff who run a BMW
Group’s executive aftersales logistics network during a Dingolfing
location. Employees during several sites were surveyed on a pointless basis
and their needs recorded. Environment analyses were conducted in
together and a authorised framework, such as site reserve guidelines,
taken into account. The commentary supposing a comparatively demanding
form of mandate for a mobility solution. Richard Kamissek,
conduct of a Operations Central Aftersales Logistics Network
department, sums up: “It had to be flexible, easy to manoeuvre, zippy,
electric, intensely flexible and tilt-proof – and, during a same time,
suitable for carrying objects. The Personal Mover Concept can do all
of this – and is also fun to drive. We wish to start controlling it as soon
as possible!”


Research into existent options unsuccessful to come adult with satisfactory
solutions. Experts from a Research, New Technologies, Innovations
dialect resolved that usually customised in-house growth could
yield an adequate solution. To beget artistic and unconventional
judgment ideas quickly, they used a in-house pattern meditative format
“think.make.start”, whereby interdisciplinary teams use
flexible methods to rise and weigh ideas and prototypes. The
Personal Mover Concept was innate from such a “makerthon”.
Although a initial ideas met all a requirements, they entailed too
most technical and financial bid for elementary and candid implementation.

Stephan Augustin, who is obliged for special projects in the
Research, New Technologies, Innovations department, together with
Rainer Daude, describes a process: “Based loosely on a sign ‘fail
fast’, we put a heads together again after a makerthon and
radically overhauled a concept. Using a “MakerSpace” of
UnternehmerTUM, a high-tech seminar for inventors and researchers
that is open to a public, we combined as elementary a antecedent as
possible, with a assistance of dedicated apprentices: It meets all the
categorical mandate and can be implemented quickly, simply and
low with a in-house imagination we have.”


The physique height of a Personal Mover Concept is 60 centimetres
far-reaching and 80 centimetres long, so that a chairman can mountain comfortably
on it and still have room for larger, complicated objects. Two wheels during the
back corners of a height and dual support wheels during a front
safeguard that it does not tip over, even in parsimonious bends. The dual front
support wheels stagger 360°, that severely increases manoeuvrability.
The handlebar and expostulate circle are sunk into a center of a body
height during a front. The handlebar contains a whole electrical
system, a battery and a expostulate wheel, and can be rotated 90° to the
left and right, permitting a Personal Mover Concept to spin on the
spot. A float stifle for controlling speed is integrated into the
right grip. This control is used to start a Personal Mover Concept,
switch a light on and off, name a pushing mode or check battery
status. For safety, there is also a bell for warning other employees.
The left hold operates a stop and a passed man’s control.

If not accelerating, a Personal Mover Concept recuperates in a
identical demeanour to a BMW i3, by feeding expelled braking appetite back
into a battery. The electric expostulate accelerates adult to a limit of 25
km/h – so it not usually moves fast, it is also fun to ride. The
commissioned cells pledge a operation of about 20-30 kilometres. The
Personal Mover Concept is charged from a unchanging domicile socket
controlling a energy adapter. Occupational reserve discipline need a
permanent daytime regulating light, so an LED front light is mounted on
a handlebar, with dual red LED lights integrated into a bumpers at
a back of a height for this purpose. The bumpers, basket mount
and handlebar mountain covering were all built controlling dual different
addition production 3D-printing techniques – a informed FDM
(Fused Deposition Modelling) and a state-of-the-art two-component
Polyjet process.

Dimensions:           W 60 x L 80 x H 110 cm
Weight:                   20 kg
Speed:                    max.
25km/h, openly tractable for opposite applications
Range:                    20-30 km
Turning circle:       1.20 m


Five prototypes of a Personal Mover Concept were presented during an
inner general BMW Group aftersales logistics discussion and
were really good received. The limit speed is singular to a 12 km/h
accessible on plant grounds. The operation accessible in normal operation
allows it to be used for a full change but recharging. The Personal
Mover Concept was designed with deployment during FIZ Future in mind. Once
completed, a campus will extend for about one kilometre from north
to south.

Alexander Brössler, an neophyte during BMW Group Plant Munich, helped
build a 5 protypes presented: “This was a illusory opportunity
for apprentices like me to be concerned with sparkling and innovative
projects outward of a unchanging training programme and to learn new
production processes like 3-D printing. It creates me unapproachable to know
that we worked on something that can be used by a BMW Group all over
a universe in a destiny and can make life most easier for a colleagues.”

However, it would also be fathomable for a Personal Mover Concept
to be used outward of BMW Group locations. Initial discussions with
operators of airports, muster centres and vital selling centres
have shown that it could also be an appealing resolution for
applications of that kind.

Jochen Karg, conduct of a dialect Vehicle Concepts Compact Class
and Special Projects: “Our strengths in research, new technologies and
innovations precedence possibilities and methods for structuring new
ideas quick and building them all a approach to construction of
organic prototypes. As good as assembly patron requirements, our
concentration is always on moving a customers.”

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