Return to a ancestral venue: BMW Motorsport and a DTM go racing during Zolder.

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Munich. BMW Motorsport earnings to a ancestral venue with the
DTM; Zolder, in Belgium, hosts turn dual of a 2019 DTM deteriorate from
17th to 19th May. It was here that a first
ever DTM foe was hold in 1984. Back then, feat went to Harald
Grohs (GER) in a BMW 635 CSi. The DTM final raced during Zolder in 2002.
17 years later, a furloughed automobile array now earnings to a iconic circuit.


BMW DTM motorist Marco Wittmann (GER) tops a Drivers’ Championship
going into a foe weekend during Zolder. At a Hockenheim season-opener
a fortnight ago, Wittmann took stick position and a foe win on the
Saturday. He afterwards started a Sunday foe from second place on the
grid, before finishing eighth to collect adult some-more profitable points.
Wittmann has 34 points to his name after a initial dual races of a season.


22 DTM races have been hold during Zolder given 1984. BMW drivers have
been concerned in 21 of those and have racked adult 9 victories and 24
lectern finishes in total. The Zolder foe weekend is a initial home
tour in a DTM for Belgian outfit BMW Team RBM.


Quotes brazen of a DTM races during Zolder.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“Zolder has an critical place in a story of BMW Motorsport.
Harald Grohs won a initial DTM foe ever there in 1984, during a wheel
of a BMW 635 CSi. Many some-more successes were to follow between then
and 1992. We are now looking brazen to returning to this iconic
racetrack with a new DTM. Bearing in mind a 2019 era of
cars, it is apparently a new circuit for everyone. We are very
intrigued to see how a foe develops during Zolder. We had a very
successful opener during Hockenheim, with dual stick positions and one win.
We wish to behind that adult now in Belgium. The foe weekend is
quite critical for BMW Team RBM; a circuit is usually an hour’s
expostulate from a group headquarters.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):

“It is going to be an sparkling weekend, as Zolder is a new venue for
us in a DTM. Our initial idea is to ready as good as possible, and
so to lay a substructure for another good weekend. We contingency wait and
see how we cope with a track. We do not have any knowledge there
and a final time we was during Zolder was over 20 years ago. we have
quite lustful memories of a circuit, as Zolder was a opening
turn of a foe array in that we gained my initial knowledge as a
group principal during a finish of a 1990s.”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG,
Drivers’ standings: 7th, 16 points

“I don’t know a circuit during Zolder yet, though it is cold to go to a
new track, during that we have never driven before. we am unequivocally vehement to
see what it is like there, and how we perform. We have seen that we
have a good car, both in soppy and dry conditions. We still need to work
on being a bit stronger for a full foe distance. On a whole,
however, we have a good package in a new BMW M4 DTM and a group has
finished a glorious job. It is still a small formidable to set any definite
expectations for Zolder, as we don’t know a circuit. I’ll wait and
see how it pans out and am looking brazen to a new track.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG,
Drivers’ standings: 1st, 34 points

“I do know Zolder, though it is 12 years given we raced there in Formula
BMW. It is a unequivocally parsimonious small circuit with few straights – not your
standard DTM racetrack. we consider subordinate will be intensely important,
as overtaking could be wily during Zolder. The kerbs in a chicanes
will be a large emanate – either we should expostulate over them or are better
off avoiding them in a DTM car. Friday’s initial use eventuality is
unequivocally going to be interesting. It is a new racetrack on the
calendar, so we contingency try to adjust to it fast and find a good rhythm
from a word go. Then we can wish for a good second foe weekend of
a season.”


Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR,
Drivers’ standings: 6th, 20 points

“I usually know Zolder from what we have seen on TV and we am already very
vehement about what awaits us there, quite as a automobile is still
unequivocally new. As such, it will be a plea to adjust to it in a short
volume of lane time we have during a disposal. we will demeanour during more
onboard footage and, together with a team, ready as good as
probable for Zolder. we am looking brazen to a new racetrack and a new challenge.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“I’m unequivocally happy that we have an eventuality in Belgium. we consider that it
will be perceived unequivocally well, and a organisers during Zolder are working
unequivocally tough to make it a successful event. Actually, we have to admit
that we don’t have too most Zolder experience. The final time that our
RBM group participated there was in 2010 in a FIA WTCC and we won a
race. It will be engaging to foe there now with a new
turbo-powered BMW M4 DTM. Zolder is a delayed track, nonetheless we will go there
with large energy and with a lot of straight-line speed, so braking
will be unequivocally important. we wish that we keep on creation swell as we
did during Hockenheim. We need to lift a movement from Sheldon’s P6 on
Saturday and Philipp’s stick position and P4 on Sunday into a next
event. We had a good season-opener and usually need to continue working
and try to lift on during Zolder.”


Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR,
Drivers’ standings: 8th, 15 points

“I raced during Zolder in a 2017 Blancpain GT Series with a BMW M6
GT3. The lane is intensely technical. we unequivocally like it. The kerbs are
unequivocally high and we contingency be clever not to repairs a cars. It is
positively going to be an sparkling weekend. we consider overtaking could be
possible, though a good opening in subordinate will be important
again. we wish to be among a front-runners again, as we was on the
Sunday during Hockenheim.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Drivers’ standings: 10th, 8 points

“Zolder is going to be a cold one. It’s apparently my initial time
there, and we am new to a DTM, so I’m going to have a lot to learn.
However, we consider we showed during Hockenheim that we can learn quite
fast so I’m looking brazen to it. I’ve schooled so most already in
usually a dual races that we did during a season-opener and we wish to build
on that. I’m tenth in a championship, that we consider is not bad at
all. we will take that certain to Zolder.” 


Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Drivers’ standings: 14th, 1 point

“Actually we don’t unequivocally know what to design from Zolder. I’ve never
been there, though on a simulator a lane looks like it should be fun
to drive. My hermit raced there dual years ago and he told me that
it’s a unequivocally cold track. We will go there, have a initial demeanour during the
lane and afterwards take it from there.”


Media Schedule (all times CEST).


Friday, 17th May

12.30-13.00, ITR press discussion with Joel Eriksson and Bart
Mampaey, Media Center


Saturday, 18th May

15.40-15.50, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Media Center


Sunday, 19th May

15.40-15.50, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Media Center


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