Review: 2015 Ford Mustang GT has still got it

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The four-cylinder turbo various of a 2015 Ford Mustang might have grabbed a bulk of a headlines, yet we’d be disgust to forget this: a V8-powered GT.

The Mustang has always been about affordable, sporty motoring for a masses, and many of a fun to be was interjection to that large V8 underneath a hood. Whether it was called Windsor, Boss, Cobra Jet or Coyote—as it’s now known—the V8 has always supposing tarmac-shredding rear-wheel-drive power, a thick sound and a grin for a face of anyone roving in it.

Which is since we’re grateful that, while a EcoBoost inline-four is indeed a flattering good alternative, there’s still room in a choice for some V8 grunt.

Walkaround: 8.3/10

I’ve listened some detractors contend that they find a lines of a new Mustang to be a tiny too Honda Accord Coupe-ish—especially when noticed from a back. we don’t agree.

Sure, a edges are a tiny rounder than previous, yet a critical pieces are still there; a prolonged hood, for example. Or a classical three-bulb taillamps that underline consecutive repeaters, or a squinting headlamps, now with angled LED DRLs.

The Performance Package on a tester also adds a set of illusory 19-inch multi-spoke wheels. They demeanour even some-more ominous when set opposite a Triple Yellow Tricoat paintjob.

As many as a ardent caricature kind of fits with a GT’s shrill persona, we privately would opt for a Guard Green paint, for a full-on Bullitt effect.

Interior: 7.3/10

Other classical Mustang touches embody a deeply-recessed sign cluster, three-spoke steering circle (that, for a initial time in a Mustang, tilts and telescopes) and a stubby shifter, yet that’s where a similarities to a Mustangs of yore end.

The rise on a sign faces, for example, is many some-more complicated than retro. Ford’s preference to indeed write “revolutions per minute” on a tachometer as against to “R.P.M.”, though, indeed looks unequivocally cold (it also says “ground speed” on a speedometer).

Otherwise, this is a flattering complicated cabin, right down to that aforementioned steering wheel, that gets some-more buttons than ever seen before in a Mustang. There are buttons to control your Bluetooth, your stretch journey control, your audio and to navigate a menus displayed on a tiny TFT arrangement nestled between a gauges.

Recaro seats, however, are not partial of a Performance Package; they are a standalone choice that will run we $1,800. That’s a cost we would gladly pay, as they are that good. Even for a incomparable gent like myself, they don’t fist a sides too strongly, yet usually adequate to make we feel supported.

Now, this is a long-hooded hatchback hack car, and if you’ve never owned or driven a automobile like this before, afterwards peering out over that prolonged hood will take some removing used to.

Once we do, however, a feeling is one that each fan knows and loves.

Oh yeah, and there are some back seats. You’ll substantially use them usually for storage, though, yet maybe not as many as before. That’s since a discretionary high-po Shaker audio system, whose subwoofer used to take adult a entertain of a already tiny trunk, has been upgraded to a lower-profile unit.

Technology: 7.7/10

The Shaker is one of 3 audio systems available—base systems get 6 speakers, we can ascent to a nine-speaker complement and afterwards there’s a Shaker Pro, that facilities 12 speakers—and it’s a clever one, done even improved by a approach atmosphere flows uniformly around a car. A crony and we had no problem carrying on a review during highway speeds with a windows down.

Other engaging tech comes pleasantness of a Performance Package, that provides a lane apps underline that can lane acceleration times, braking distances and G’s incurred.

Less cold is a MyFord Touch infotainment system, that stays as clunky here as it does elsewhere in a line-up. The buttons and fonts are small, creation a reason shade reduction manageable than I’d like.

Driving: 9.3/10

For 2015, energy in a GT has been lifted to 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, channelled to a back wheels by possibly a six-speed primer or involuntary transmission.

Our exam automobile was propitious with a manual, to that we contend “hallelujah” since that’s unequivocally what a hack automobile like this is all about. You wish to quarrel those gears and feel that swell of acceleration (0-60 mph happens in 4.5 seconds) again and again, accompanied by that good cry from a twin exhaust.

The toggle switches mounted next a infotainment shade enclose controls for your hazards, traction control, steering environment and expostulate mode setting. There are four: Sport, Sport+, Track and Snow. Sport+ and lane are similar, with lane disabling traction control—with that kind of power, I’d leave this environment to usually that; lane use.

The stop reason duty is also best left for a track; basically, it’s there to assistance we perform hazed burnouts. These demeanour unequivocally cool, usually maybe not to train stop occupants. Same goes for a launch control system; all this is partial of a lane apps.

Even yet all those opening “aids”, there’s copiousness of fun to be had.

As is a cannot of any naturally-aspirated opening vehicle, energy comes on uniformly and, if we wish it to, relentlessly. There unequivocally is some neck-snapping acceleration on palm here, and peering out over that long, Triple Yellow Tricolour hood as a view blurs is an addictive feeling.

Since a switch to a multilink set-up for a back axle, a tiny weight has been combined yet a float is many smoother, bereft of a pogo-sticking that aged live spindle Mustangs suffered from. More than adding comfort, it adds a clarity of luxury, too, as a automobile feels many some-more firm together than before (it’s also got a stiffer chassis). We can substantially appreciate a European marketplace for a switch.

The Performance Pack does yield sportier cessation tuning, however, so Mustangs versed as such will float a tiny firmer.

Value: 8.1/10

As always, this is one of a Mustang’s strengths. Even with options like a Recaro seats and Performance package (even if a seats should maybe come as partial of pronounced package), a GT stays next a $55,000 symbol before burden and PDI. Skip a seats, or a Performance Pack, and you’re looking during a sub-$40 grand, 400-plus hp automobile with good looks and addictive pushing manners that would cost $60,000-plus if we were to demeanour during something German or Japanese with a identical brew of energy and dynamics.

I do take emanate with carrying to start with a $42,849 GT Premium indication in sequence to get exhilarated and ventilated seats. Yes, we know that this will be a summer automobile for most, yet couldn’t that have been done a standalone option?


The categorical thing, though, is that a new Mustang, even with a rounder looks and softer cessation stays what it’s always been: a brutally honest automobile that creates no skeleton about the intentions.

It’s a rear-wheel drive, V8-powered opening coupe (or convertible, of course) that runs on unchanging fuel, can still be had with a correct six-speed primer delivery and a plain interior (albeit with a few some-more niceties than before) that goes like gangbusters.

Overall rating: 8.1/10

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