Riders in a Storm. BMW Motorrad presents the initial striking novel during Comic Con Germany.

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Munich, 24 Jun 2016.

From now on, BMW Motorrad not usually travels a roads of a real
universe though pursues illusory paths, too. In partnership with the
publisher Panini Verlags GmbH, a striking novel entitled “Riders in
a Storm” is now being combined with announcement designed for
Oct 2016.

The content and story are being supposing by Croatian author and
illustrator Darko Macan. For a painting of this
limited-edition work it was probable to benefit a services of the
Italian Riccardo Burchielli, who has worked for some-more than 15 years
as a comic book artist for vital publishers in a USA such as DC
Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse. “Many of us have been informed with
comics given childhood, and we have seen superheroes and fantasy
worlds blending for a large screen, too. The people behind these
stories are equally fascinating. Riccardo Burchielli is a
motorcycling fan himself and by him we are means to
yield insights into how a comic story comes into being. And of
march we safeguard his heroes are versed with suitable bikes,” says
Dr. Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management BMW Motorrad.

So who are a heroes battling opposite immorality on their
motorcycles? Makani – desirous by real-life tattoo indication and human
work of art Makani Terror – is a policewoman. Her companions are a
wolf with well-developed powers, a ardent racing supplement Eve and
a rather out-of-the-ordinary travel artist Nikki Animah. Then
there are a puzzling Black Riders of march – they too are
desirous by real-life characters. “This is a really special project
for us, and it’s a good honour and pleasure to be means to
combine with BMW Motorrad,” says Hermann Paul, handling director
of Panini Verlags GmbH. “The author and illustrator are having
huge fun, and we really most demeanour brazen to overseeing this
impracticable and stylish mix of fantasy, journey and mystery. The
comic is recognised as a singular edition, so it will be a really
good object for collectors worldwide,” adds Paul.

“Riders in a Storm” is really special to Riccardo Burchielli at
a personal level, too: in further to his passion for illustration,
a Italian is also an zealous motorcyclist. His hobby provides him
with impulse for his stories, that mostly take place in unusual
settings where a heroes are primarily confronted with dim forces
before eventually rising like a phoenix from a remains to enter a
whole new world. As Burchielli himself says, motorcycling is all
about “how we describe to your healthy vicinity and the
landscapes we pass through. It’s a feeling of leisure that comes
from your ability to pierce openly in a universe like a cowboy. It’s
also about your tie with your motorcycle, that is rather
like a constant friend. And not slightest it’s about sum relaxation. When
you’re roving your bike, that’s all you’re focused on. There’s no
room for anything else in your conduct – you’re totally giveaway during that
moment.” In “Riders in a Storm” he is means to move together his
dual good passions together for a initial time: illustrating and motorcycling.

BMW Motorrad and Panini will be presenting their plan for the
initial time during Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart on 25 and 26
June, 2016
. Tattoo indication Makani Terror will be in
assemblage during a Panini Verlags GmbH trade satisfactory stand, and there
will be an exclusively designed Art Bike of a new BMW G 310 R on show.

Riccardo Burchielli will also be signing autographs during the
arriving BMW Motorrad Days from 1 to 3 July, 2016
in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


You will find visible element on “Riders in a Storm”


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