Road Remedies: Correcting your misfortune pushing habits

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We asked Ford Canada’s Facebook community to share their misfortune pushing habits – and they let us have it! Luckily, there is a pill for each bad on-road behaviour:



You mad? In-car annoy takes on many forms – yelling, fist shaking, and other disreputable actions – though it’s never appropriate, can means daze and sets a bad instance for immature passengers.

Highway peace comes from meaningful some things are over a control – other drivers working badly, construction in a city, commuter trade jams – and training to let go of any anger.

Ford vehicles have a prolonged list of accessible technologies that are designed to make drivers’ lives easier, comfortable, and extent disappointment – not a slightest of that includes a 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum’s accessible multicontour front seats with Active Motion. Just lay behind and let your in-seat masseuse take your troubles away.



Are we a tip stone star, usually unleashing your dark outspoken talents when we feel a courage of cement underneath a wheels of your Ford?

You’re not alone; according to a Facebook community, there are copiousness of gifted (or not-so-talented) singers out there who adore to sing and drive! But in many cases, these singers should keep that talent tip a small longer – for a consequence of passengers’ safety…and in some cases, eardrums.

The days of fumbling around with CDs or AUX cords are finally during an end. With accessible SYNC 3, AppLink and SiriusXM satellite radio opposite a operation of Ford vehicles, drivers can control audio with voice commands. Put those pipes to use though pushing passengers crazy.



There’s no forgive for speeding. It puts passengers, drivers, and pedestrians during risk. Yet it’s one of a many common self-reported issues on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.

There’s a elementary pill for this: self-control. The heal for speeding starts and ends with a motorist alone. Tips: Try to leave a bit earlier, use patience, and repeat this new mantra: We’ll get there when we get there.

For drivers with an unintended lead foot, a 2017 Ford Fusion’s accessible Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go record can assistance leave speeding in a dust. Adaptive Cruise Control employs a latest radar record to say a preset stretch between your car and a car in front of you, gripping everybody safer by gripping gait with traffic, even when it comes to a finish stop.



Operating a smartphone while pushing is a common accident-causing behavior, and laws are changing to simulate this augmenting danger. For connected drivers, putting a phone divided is a formidable – though required – task. Ford offers a best of both worlds, prioritizing reserve while gripping us connected.

Many Ford vehicles offer SYNC 3 with hands-free job and texting, allowingdrivers to suffer all a advantages of their mobile device though carrying to obstruct their eyes from a highway or their hands from a wheel.



Crumbs on a upholstery, gummy hands on a wheel, and diverted courtesy are 3 large reasons drivers should flog their in-car snacking habits to a curb.

Eating while pushing is among a tip bad behaviours self-reported bydrivers, and it’s no surprise; breakfast on a go, a bag of chips in a crater holder, or even a greasy cut of tasty ‘za is a common steer in many vehicles.

No record can keep drivers fed and mess-free, so here’s an out-of-date pill that will assistance safely maximize break potential, regardless of what Ford car we drive: Simply lift over, park, and give that break full attention. Savour a essence though putting people in danger.



For Ford fans from a Facebook community, daze takes many forms including billboards, a steer of a flitting Ford GT, or even a glance of their vehicle’s possess reflection.

The pill for daze is simply for drivers to keep their eyes on a road, ensuring that they are good complacent and means to compensate full attention.

Yet distractions are a existence of driving. On models like a 2017 Ford Edge, a accessible Lane-Keeping System can warning we around circle quivering and request steering torque to approach a car into a aim line should it detect unconsidered line departure.

It’s no surrogate for courteous driving, though a accessible Lane-Keeping System gives drivers a peaceful sign to scold their course.

Want to share your misfortune pushing habit, or advise an swap remedy? Comment next or on a Ford Canada Facebook page.

And for some-more information on a dangers of dreaming driving, check out this feature from a National Post and CAA!

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