Road to Daytona: Successful initial exam for Alessandro Zanardi in a BMW M8 GTE.

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Miramas. BMW works motorist Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) has
successfully finished his initial exam in a BMW M8 GTE in
credentials for a 24-hour competition during Daytona (USA) in January. This
week, BMW M Motorsport and Zanardi spent 3 days contrast at
Miramas in a south of France. Although sleet meant a conditions
were not ideal, Zanardi was still means to get copiousness of laps under
his belt with a BMW M8 GTE. In total, he gathering roughly 700
kilometres over a march of a 3 days.


Zanardi used a exam to familiarize himself with a BMW M8 GTE. At
a same time, BMW M Motorsport was means to weigh how the
modifications, grown for his special needs, duty in a GTE
racing car. Zanardi uses a same complement in a BMW M8 GTE that has
already proven itself on his guest coming in a BMW M4 DTM at
Misano (ITA) and has been blending to a mandate in a BMW M8
GTE. Braking is achieved regulating a lever, that he operates with his
right arm. The special steering circle allows Zanardi to accelerate
regulating a gas ring and to change rigging regulating change paddles. The gas
resource during a steering wheel, proven in DTM, has been blending to
a most some-more formidable steering circle in a BMW M8 GTE. The brake
push also has a button, with that Zanardi can change down by the
gears when braking into corners. Based on a believe gained at
Misano, a complement has been optimised for a BMW M8 GTE.


“I cruise we done outrageous swell during this test,” pronounced Zanardi.
“Particularly when we cruise that a conditions were unequivocally tough.
Miramas is not an easy circuit anyway, and afterwards we had a sleet to
understanding with too. It was a plea removing to know a automobile in these
conditions, and during a same time anticipating out what we need to do when
while driving. However, it was a unequivocally prolific test. My feel for
a automobile softened all a time and we shortly found out what we need to be
doing with my hands and how we can control a car’s several electronic
functions. We are now unequivocally good prepared for a subsequent exam during Daytona.
we have to say, a BMW M8 GTE is a genuine beauty. It was a payoff for
me to take it out onto a lane and expostulate it for so many laps.”


Another partial of a exam programme was a motorist changeover, as
Zanardi will share a BMW M8 GTE with other drivers during Daytona.
Zanardi used a procedures with BMW works motorist Jesse Krohn
(FIN) during Miramas.


“It is considerable what we achieved,” pronounced Zanardi. “You have to bear
in mind that, as good as a common motorist changeover, we contingency also
barter a steering wheel. We consistently achieved that in underneath 20
seconds, and a few times we even managed a changeover in about 15
seconds. When we observe how fast a ‘normal’ motorist like Jesse
jumps out of a car, it is a bit opposite when we afterwards see somebody
like me removing out. Undo a harness, mislay a steering wheel, pass
it to somebody and burst out of a automobile – all in reduction than three
seconds. Then spin around, wait until Jesse is in, stand behind into the
car, offshoot my leg into a frame, assistance Jesse with a radio and
harness, pass him a other steering wheel, tighten a net and get away
from a car…It is unequivocally considerable and looks a bit like a dance. We
will now continue to work on perfecting a motorist changeover.”


Also during Miramas was Nathalie McGloin, President of a newly-formed
“FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission”. She used a revisit to
pronounce to Zanardi and BMW M Motorsport about opportunities for
physically marred racing drivers.


BMW M Motorsport is operative closely with a FIA, ACO and IMSA to
benefit capitulation for a automobile blending to Zanardi’s needs for GTE races.


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