“Road to Norisring”: Wittmann and Spengler in sparkling BMW i3 plea on a approach to a DTM in Nuremberg.

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Both racing drivers were aiming to use as small appetite as possible
on a approach to a fourth DTM competition weekend of a season, pushing the
dual cars.

The track initial took Wittmann and Spengler along
teenager roads from Garching to Ingolstadt (GER). They afterwards continued the
tour to Nuremberg (GER) on a motorway. Wittmann arrived during the
Dutzendteich with a operation of 133 kilometres remaining, while
Spengler’s on-board mechanism still showed 121 kilometres. Victory in
a potency plea therefore went to a BMW Team RMG driver.

“Challenging Bruno with a BMW i3 was good fun,” said
Wittmann, who will suffer home advantage during a Norisring. “We stayed
in a slipstream of a lorries on a motorway to save as much
appetite as possible. We done it simply – and now we are looking forward
to racing during a weekend.”

“It was rather surprising for us as racing drivers to be pushing as
well as possible, instead of as quick as possible,” said
Spengler. “But a plea was good fun. The BMW i3 is an excellent
automobile and a remaining operation shows that longer journeys are no problem
during all.” The BMW i3 has a battery ability of 94 ampere hours, greatly
augmenting a operation when compared to a prior model.

This entrance weekend, Wittmann and Spengler will leave a BMW i3
and lapse to a cockpits of their BMW M4 DTMs during a Norisring. The
seventh and eighth DTM races of a deteriorate afterwards will be all about pristine performance.

Link to a potency plea video “Road to Norisring”: https://youtu.be/SpNbFNhSZSo.

* BMW i3 (94 Ah) REX with electric BMW eDrive:
expenditure (combined): 11.3-11.9 kWh/100 km
CO2: 12-13
Electric operation (NEDC): 231-240 km
Additional operation with
REX: adult to 150 km
Electric operation (attainable operation in everyday
use1): adult to 180 km
Range (attainable operation in
bland use1): adult to 330 km
Fuel consumption
(combined): 0,6 l/100 km 

1Attainable operation in bland use according to BMW range
measurements with city pushing profile, 20* degrees,
heating/air-conditioning, pre-tempering, COMFORT pushing mode. Range
contingent on several factors, especially: personal pushing style, road
aspect characteristics, outside temperature, pre-tempering.

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