Robin Frijns: “The lane during Zolder is tricky”

Posted on 15. May, 2019 by in Audi Canada

What’s your initial memory of Zolder?
I was 6 years aged when we watched my initial competition during Zolder. we accompanied a crony of my father’s there, who was active in a Belcar Series. So that’s where all started and I’ve been perplexed by motorsport ever since. 

So it’s a genuine home spin for you?
Absolutely! we live in Lanaken, customarily 20 mins divided from a track, and am really most looking brazen to a DTM during Zolder. However, it’s also going to be a perfectionist weekend for me since many members of my family, friends and fans will be there. 

Are we going to nap during home?
No, that’s not a good idea. There’s customarily a lot going on during Zolder and we can get held in a trade jam pushing to a competition lane in a morning. In a GT3, we scarcely missed a subordinate event once. My teammate gathering in Q1 and we was scheduled for Q2 and Q3. we arrived when Q1 was already over, directly jumped into a automobile and still clinched pole. 

Have we ever watched a DTM competition during Zolder? The final one took place in 2002.
No. But we know a lane flattering good from a GT3 car. I’m really most looking brazen to it. Racing there in a DTM automobile will be a really special experience. The lane is tricky. For me, it’s a bit like a tiny Nordschleife. A teenager mistake and you’re out. There are no run-off areas. The racing will be good, even yet overtaking is some-more formidable than during Hockenheim. 

Where are a best opportunities for overtaking?
Heading into a initial dilemma or a equivocation before a start-finish line. 

What sections are quite formidable during Zolder?
Especially in a quick initial sector, we can possibly benefit or remove a lot of time. The initial left-hander is really fast, and so is spin four. Then a equivocation follows and subsequently we expostulate adult and down a flattering high hill. Plus, a continue is mostly indeterminate in Belgium. 

Is Zolder allied with any other DTM track?
There are some similarities to Zandvoort. If we leave a line there you’ll have an accident. That’s also a box during Zolder. In this respect, a marks are similar, though they have totally opposite layouts.

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