Royal revisit outlines start of prolongation for a new Audi Q3

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The successor to a Spanish throne, Prince Felipe, strictly inaugurated a state-of-the-art prolongation site for a Audi Q3 in Martorell. SEAT and Audi invested a sum of €330 million in infrastructure and prolongation comforts there. A new 30,000 m2 (322,917 sq. ft.) physique emporium with 450 robots was only one of a many new comforts built. Approximately 100,000 Audi Q3 units are scheduled to leave a three-shift public line in Martorell any year. Approximately 200 guest of respect – including politicians, Catalan business people, kinship member and members of countless institutions – took partial in a opening celebration.

“The preference to furnish a Audi Q3 in Spain signals a goal to continue a energetic march of expansion while also pursing a plan of internationalization,” says Frank Dreves, AUDI AG Board Member for Production. The start of Q3 prolongation during a Martorell plant is a wilful miracle in a Audi brand’s story of success. As a prolongation site, he added, Martorell has rarely encouraged employees and delivers tip quality. “We are fixation a pinnacle trust in a group building a Q3 here,” continues Dreves.

The new prolongation comforts in Martorell are among a many complicated in a world. For example, a “roof bell,” an innovative growth from a Audi Toolmaking Division in Ingolstadt, is being used for a initial time ever in physique construction. A drudge grabs a roof and precisely aligns it while a second drudge binds a roof bell prepared for a following roof on a subsequent body.

The Audi Q3 will assistance SEAT henceforth fill a ability of a Martorell plant.

“The preference in preference of Martorell is therefore a organisation joining to this prolongation location,” emphasizes James Muir, Chairman of a Board of Management of SEAT, S.A.

By selecting to furnish a Q3 in Martorell, Audi is also presumption amicable shortcoming for a site and a employees. The Company is securing some 1,500 jobs there, approximately 700 of that were combined privately for Q3 production. Training of a group took tip priority right from a start. All staff finished a 180-hour module on a Q3 to ready them for a hurdles they will be faced with on a prolongation line.

As a compact, sporty SUV, a Audi Q3 will be rounding off a existent Q family consisting of a Audi Q5 and Audi Q7. With a energetic coupé-like styling, a five-door Q3 boasts authentic SUV traits in terms of seating position, clarity and variability and will offer an intensely sporty pushing experience. The Q3 combines a pattern and dynamics of a compress automobile with a expanse and flexibility of an SUV. Its operation of motorist assistance systems is redefining a compress SUV category.

The Audi Q3 is being launched with 3 four-cylinder engines – one TDI section and dual TFSI engines – with an additional TDI section scheduled to follow shortly. Developing between 103 kW (140 hp) and 155 kW (211 hp), these engines are only as absolute as they are efficient.

Market launch is designed for a fourth entertain of a year. Around 100,000 units are approaching to make their approach to business in 2012, a initial full year of production. In Germany, sales of a Q3 will start during a bottom cost of €29,900. Plans are in place to build a sporty compress in China, privately for a internal market, in a second phase.

The SEAT bureau in Martorell was built in 1993 and employs a workforce of over 10,000. The Audi Q3 is a initial indication made in Spain by a Ingolstadt-based company.


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