Safety-related remember during a BMW Group. Replacement of airbag sensor required.

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Munich. In a safety-related recall, a BMW Group is
replacing a various of an airbag sensor.

The owners of a vehicles influenced will be sensitive but delay.
The correct (carried out during a BMW Partner) will take approximately
3 hours and is giveaway of assign for a customer. The affected
business will be supposing with an choice mobility service.

As a outcome of a program blunder in a prolongation of a sensor during the
supplier, improper information is sent to a airbag control section in a
longitudinal front-end or rather rear-end collision. This can result
in a airbag not deploying safely.

The vehicles influenced are approximately 33,600 7 Series, 5 Series GT
and Rolls-Royce Ghost cars built from 12/2011 to 06/2012. Furthermore,
a inadequate deputy partial was propitious in approximately 650 vehicles.
These cars are also lonesome by a recall.

Customers can find out either their car is influenced by
contacting a BMW Service Partner or check directly by entering their
vehicle’s framework series during a following website:


If we have any queries, greatfully contact:

Dieter Falkensteiner. E-Mail:,

Mobil:+49 151 601 51813

Ulrich Pfundmeier. E-Mail:,

Mobil:+49 176 601 32368

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