Sailing star Philipp Buhl in Audi breeze tunnel

Posted on 25. May, 2016 by in Audi Canada

“It’s illusory that Audi is giving me a event to use a breeze tunnel. The code goes all out in a joining and invigorates a partnership,” pronounced a soldier who lives in Kiel. “We’ve gained critical commentary in many minute areas and are assured that we’ll be means to successfully daub a full intensity and grasp a aims this year.” Together with his coach, Thomas Piesker, a local of a Allgäu segment investigated a effects of several cruise and pillar settings in different breeze scenarios in a Audi breeze tunnel. In unchanging training operations on water, these factors can't be totalled in siege over a longer duration of time. Due to a dry runs, Buhl and Piesker have gained profitable information and, as a result, are anticipating to make wilful progress. 

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