Sales diminution for 2009 smaller than approaching +++ BMW Group once again world’s heading reward manufacturer

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BMW Group reports 10.1% sales boost in December

Sales diminution for 2009 smaller than expected
BMW Group once again worlds heading reward manufacturer
Robertson: Aiming for sales expansion in 2010

Munich/Detroit. BMW Group sell continued to follow an ceiling trend in Dec with a estimable boost in sales of 10.1%. A sum of 123,751 (prev. yr. 112,423) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code automobiles were sole worldwide in a month underneath review.
In light of a continued tellurian mercantile predicament a association was, as expected, incompetent to compare a prior years high sales in a sum for a full year 2009. However, a diminution of 10.4% was smaller than approaching and eventually comparatively moderate. The BMW Group sole a sum of 1,286,310 (prev. yr. 1,435,876) vehicles worldwide in 2009. As a result, a association was means to enhance a marketplace share in a reward shred once again final year and say a position as a worlds heading retailer of reward vehicles.

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing: We have succeeded in remaining a worlds heading reward automobile association in 2009. Despite formidable mercantile conditions we have been usually gaining belligerent given April; from September, sales have been behind on a expansion track. We finished a fourth entertain with volumes adult 7.7%. The diminution in sales for 2009 incited out to be smaller than expected. Robertson added: We are commencement a new year with a clarity of optimism, even yet we are still feeling a effects of a tellurian mercantile crisis. We are aiming for expansion in a single-digit commission operation in 2010. The vast series of new BMW and MINI models will play a vital partial in this. The new BMW 5 Series, that will be launched as of March, will be one of a many critical new models for a BMW Group in 2010. The indication changeover will take place in a initial dual months of a year.

The BMW Group reported clever expansion for a full year 2009 in rising markets such as China (90,536 / +37.5%), Brazil (6,398 / +118.8%) and India (3,619 / +24.4%). Robertson: We were means to grasp new sales annals in all 3 markets in 2009. And we intend to make serve gains in 2010. Germany was a largest singular marketplace for BMW and MINI automobiles in 2009: A sum of 258,012 (prev. yr. 284,786/-9.4%) vehicles were delivered to customers. With 33,517 deliveries in 2009, a MINI code enjoyed a many successful year in Germany given a launch. In a US marketplace a BMW Group reported reduce sales for 2009 as did a whole industry. For a year to a finish of December, sales decreased by 20.3% (241,727 / prev. yr. 303,190). Nevertheless, Robertson was carefully confident about a entrance year in a US: There have been many enlivening signs over a past few months. In Dec sales increasing by 9.2%. We aim to grow again in a US in 2010. The BMW code was once again a many successful European reward automotive code in a USA in 2009 (196,502 vehicles sold).

In Dec a BMW code delivered 105,049 (prev. yr. 97,256) units, or 8.0% some-more vehicles than in a same month final year. In 2009 as a whole, BMW sole 1,068,770 (prev. yr. 1,202,239 / -11.1%) automobiles worldwide, once again giving a code a clever lead over a competitors in a reward segment. In 2009, gains were done by a BMW 7 Series (52,680 / +35.7%) and a BMW X6 (41,667/+56.8%) and Z4 (22,759 / +26.4%) models, among others. In a pivotal domestic marketplace of Germany, a BMW 7 Series (7,439 / +74.8%), as good as a BMW X5 (10,933 / -31.9%) and X6 (4.940 / +51,0%) models, were a transparent leaders in their particular segments. The new BMW X1 and 5 Series GT models introduced in late Oct also got off to an glorious start in a markets: A sum of 8,499 BMW X1 and 3,052 BMW 5 Series GT have already been delivered to business around a world.

The MINI code also reported clever expansion of 22.2% in December, with 18,335 (prev. yr. 15,010) MINI cars sole in a month underneath review. For a year to a finish of Dec a sum of 216,538 vehicles were delivered to business around a universe (prev. yr. 232,425 / -6.8%).

Rolls-Royce retailed 1002 cars during 2009, including a initial 150 Ghosts delivered to business in December. Ian Robertson said: Demand for a Ghost has been well-developed and a latest Rolls-Royce has been met with concept commend from customers, a media and enthusiasts alike. Around 85 per cent of Ghost business are new to a marque. Rolls-Royce stays a marketplace personality in a ultimate oppulance class.

BMW Motorrad sole 5.360 (prev. yr. 7457/-28.1%) motorcycles in December. In a formidable marketplace sourroundings it was not probable to compare a prior years high sales sum in 2009. 87.306 (prev. yr. 101.685/-14.1%) BMW motorcycles were sole to business via a full year.

BMW Group sales in/up to Dec 2009 during a glance

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