Sales of CNG-fuelled cars boost six-fold in a final 5 years in Spain

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In a final 5 years, sales of cars powered by dense healthy gas (CNG) have tripled in Europe, while they have increasing six-fold in Spain in a same period. Interest for dense healthy gas as an choice fuel is still in a initial stages in Spain, and among other factors, a coexisting launch of a SEAT Leon TGI and a Mii Ecofuel in 2014 has been a pushing force behind a expansion and expansion nationally.

Spain has turn a third largest marketplace for SEAT in terms of CNG record after Italy and Germany, and a certain formula uncover no signs of easing. In a initial 6 months of 2015, a Spanish carmaker sole some-more CNG-fuelled cars in Spain than in all of 2014. The association finished final year as a undisputed personality in CNG car sales in a Spanish market, and 6 months into this year, a marketplace care grew even more, reaching a sum share of 80%.

To continue along these lines of expansion and support, Vice-President for Government and Institutional Affairs for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain Ramón Paredes, and HAM Managing Director Antonio Murugó have sealed a vital agreement to allege dense healthy gas for car use over a subsequent dual years. This is a transparent joining by both companies to this choice fuel source for ecological, tolerable appetite that will safeguard a poignant short-term alleviation in atmosphere peculiarity due to a reduced emissions and low cost.

HAM Group Managing Director Antonio Murugó settled that “in a opinion, CNG fuel is a timeless and most reduction costly choice to oil, that guarantees a poignant alleviation in atmosphere peculiarity overdue to a low emissions. Our extensive expansion enables us to rise state-of-the-art record for cleaner energy, and one of a priorities is a new stuffing hire that will shortly be non-stop in Abrera with a clear joining to provision healthy gas for car use”.

Furthermore, Vice-President for Government and Institutional Affairs for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain Ramón Paredes forked out that “SEAT’s joining to sustainability is unwavering, and this existence is gradually relocating into a markets where we operate. 66% of worldwide SEAT sales and 80% of a sales in Spain are vehicles with CO2 emissions next 120 g/km. From 2006 to 2014 we reduced a normal CO2 emissions by 21% on all a vehicles we sole in Europe. In addition, we are now heavily intent in building dense healthy gas with a special concentration on Spain, a nation where we are a undisputed marketplace leader”.

The Leon TGI inaugurates Europe’s newest and largest motorway stuffing station, owned by HAM

Spain’s HAM Group, a country’s heading association for liquefied healthy gas (LNG) distribution, LNG regasification plant construction and healthy gas refuelling stations, is finalising a doing of a latest open healthy gas stuffing hire in Abrera, nearby Barcelona, in a same industrial park where a SEAT bureau is located. This new station, that reserve healthy gas in dual finish uses, LNG (liquefied) and CNG (compressed), uses pioneering record and is a largest in Europe. It facilities a sum of 8 bays, 4 of that are dictated for refuelling CNG-powered vehicles like a SEAT Leon TGI or a Mii Ecofuel, and another 4 for provision LNG to heavy-duty vehicles. They also accommodate diesel fuel pumps. In addition, a totally integrated operation enables using a hire with normal stuffing hire government systems. With this new flagship stuffing station, HAM now has 10 supply points of healthy gas for car use.

The HAM Group owns a initial corporate swift of dense healthy gas-powered SEAT Leon TGI vehicles, that left a Martorell bureau final year.

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