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The BMW Group Press Conference during a NAIAS 2018
will be transmitted live around satellite in a US and Europe.
(Please find all technical sum attached).


Agenda 15th Jan 2018


EUROPE: Technical information TV satellite delivery 15 Jan 2018


15:35-16:00 CET                BMW Group Press Conference – LIVE

19:00-19:50 CET                Highlights – BMW
Group Press Conference


Satellite:                             EUTELSAT 7B – 7° E

Channel:                             B6-Ch.G/ 9MHz

Downlink Frequency:         11.180.83 Y

Symbol Rate:                      7.120 Msym/s

FEC:                                   3/4

Modulation:                         DVBS2-8PSK (20% RO) PILOT ON

MPEG:                                4:2:0 MPEG 4

Video Std:                           HD1080i/50

No. Audio Channels:          2 Pair (4ch)

Encryption:                         No Encryption



US: Technical information TV satellite delivery 15


09:35-10:00 EST                BMW Group Press Conference – LIVE

13:00-13:50 EST                Highlights – BMW
Group Press Conference


Satellite:                             GALAXY 16 (Ku) – 99°W

Channel:                            TXP 15k Slot D / 9MHz

Downlink Frequency:         12013.5 H

Symbol Rate:                     7.120 Msym/s

FEC:                                  3/4

Modulation:                        DVBS2-8PSK (20% RO) PILOT ON

MPEG                                4:2:0 MPEG 4

Video Std:                          HD1080i/59.94

No. Audio Channels:         2 Pair (4ch)

Encryption:                        No Encryption


Contact telephone:           
+49 172 4544622

 Anton Margraf Bavaria Film


If we have any questions greatfully contact: Michaela
Martinus (Electronic Media),
+49 160 96313773


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