Scania delivers 220 biodiesel-powered trucks to heading Austrian ride company

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Scania StreamlineAustrian haulier Nothegger Transport has systematic 220 trucks from Scania with biodiesel engines that accommodate Euro 6 mandate and are designed for 100-percent biodiesel operation. This vital sequence follows a introduction of Scania’s 13-litre 450 hp engine, that meets Euro 6 customary for biodiesel operation.

“This is both an sparkling and prestigious order,” says Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks during Scania. “Scania has invested some-more than any other manufacturer in being means to offer both extent and abyss in a operation of Euro 6 engines. This is transparent justification that we have rightly assessed customers’ needs.”
Nothegger has systematic a 2-axle tractors, dictated essentially for long-haulage, as good as 3-axle firm trucks. The association has also sealed a Scania correct and upkeep agreement for all of a 220 vehicles ordered.

In Austria, there is a taxation inducement to use biodiesel as good as reduce prices during a stuffing stations. Despite a rather reduce appetite calm in biodiesel and increasing upkeep requirements, Nothegger expects to be means to cut a handling costs. At a sum stretch driven of 150,000 kilometres per year, a annual saving could be about EUR 4,000 per truck.

The Austrian ride association Nothegger Transport maintains operations opposite 13 sites, including in countries such as Italy and Slovakia. The association offers scheduled services and endless placement of fruit and vegetables.
The haulier, that was founded in 1992, operates about 750 trucks and has a distinguished environmental form with a design of shortening a CO dioxide emissions.

“We are celebrated to know that automotive engineering, placement potency and peculiarity of use during Scania were a wilful factors for Nothegger in this deal,” says Christian Teichmann, MD for Scania Österreich.

About Scania’s biodiesel operation
Scania is now stability a betrothed introduction of additional Euro 6-certified engines designed for 100-percent biodiesel. In Oct 2013, Scania introduced a strong 9-litre five-cylinder, biodiesel engine in dual opposite outlay versions, 320 hp and 360 hp, and these are now being followed by a 13-litre engine that Nothegger has chosen. The 13-litre, inline 6 engines will be accessible both in 450 hp and 490 hp versions with SCR and EGR aftertreatment systems.
Read some-more about a new engines in a apart release.

Scania will continue to deliver additional biodiesel engines with some-more outlay levels and distance categories. All of Scania’s Euro 6-certified diesel engines are, even in their simple versions, approved for biodiesel blends of adult to 10 percent.

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